Sunday, 17 July 2011

What is wrong with the world?

We all have our own take on this life and what reality is all about.  We have a fair idea what the folk around us think too.  None of us are the same but in the main we have similar ideas.  But the further afield you go both in space and time the wider the gap becomes in our conceptualisation of reality.  The indigenous tribes of America, that we like to call Indians, had their take on things and the Aborigines in Australia had their view.  Then there are the cultural divides like the ancient Egyptians and the Romans.  And there are those most dreadful of all; the religions.

Throughout human history and all around the world there are some constants with human beings and they are not too dissimilar to animals as well.  Fundamental harmony with the environment.  Balance, equilibrium, sustainability and love.  Love is a funny thing.  We seem to have screwed it up right royally in our culture.  We have two fundamental problems with love.  We mix it up with dependency and then get married and fuck up our children.  And we try so hard to get the approval of our elders and aspire to appear loving and good.  When the focus of attention is on not being accused of being bad then the focus of attention is on yourself and not others.  Then we become the very thing we are trying so hard to avoid.  We become evil.

Take a good look around at all the different aspects of your reality.  The vicious unforgiving perversion of the economic system, the ruthless irresponsible raping of planet Earth in the name of industrial progress, the wars and destruction, the aspirations of science, art and literature, and one can go on forever finding different aspects to look at.  But take a look at the whole and ask yourself if it looks sustainable and good.

I've got a lot of studious history behind me.  I have studied Art and Computing.  I'm an armchair philosopher and I hate economics.  The thing that is consistent in my history is I like jigsaw puzzle pieces to fit together.  I get a little sidetracked by detail.  When I get suspicious that something doesn't intuitively seem quite right I rarely agree to consign it to my "I believe" part of my brain.  It remains a thing that still needs confirming before the edifice of which it is a part can be believed.  It's a tough job and it seems to confuse many people.  But when you examine religion in detail it is self evidently a load of bollocks.  When you start examining any aspect of our financial system in detail it becomes clear it is illogical and fallacious.  When you look at industrial progress and the advancement of technology you soon realise it is unsustainable.  It is not that one can't be spiritual or that a form of financial exchange can't work or invention and creativity are not beneficial but something is wrong with the actual manifestation of these things in the real world.

The problem is a fundamental misconception of reality.  Humans create a kind of model in their minds of what they think the world out there is like.  Starting from that very complex system of molecules called a foetus we absorb experience and the effects flow around inside the system setting up responses.  It is all about learning and surviving.  What has happened with humans as opposed to other animals is they have moved one big step forward in their complexity.  I guess you can put it down to things like language because the intercommunication between these systems, these individuals, has extended to the larger collection of humans.  The problem is whether the big blob (a large collection of humans) comprehends reality correctly.  The evidence is at least that it is having a hard time of it.  The internet is perhaps a fundamental requirement in making the interconnections faster, more connected and therefore enabling a more correct model of reality to be formed inside the system.

Behind it all is a thing called love.  What is love?  Well old Joe Ratzinger reckons it is truth.  And so do I.  For all the use of the word love very few people could actually definitively grasp what it is.  We talk about it and we know what we mean at the time but the word love does not so much define something as refer to something quite intangible and unknowable.  Love is always harmonious.  Love is always right.  Love is empathetic and nurturing.  Love is friendly and supportive.  Love is positive and beneficial.  Love is what our heart recognises as right.  And as so many people and philosophies have asserted, love is the only way.

So what is love?  Well whatever it is one thing is for sure;  Those things which stand against it and oppose it are negative and detrimental.  So take a look around at your world again and ask yourself if the petroleum industry is pro or anti life.  Does the economic system have anything to do with love?  Do the authoritarian attitudes of religious dogma have any harmony with love.  The glaring fact is that we, collectively and individually, keep allowing a whole load of crap to go on because we are afraid and can't see a viable alternative.  It is neither possible nor necessary for you or me to stop the crap.  What is necessary though is that we don't give it credence.  Don't keep supporting one politician because you are more afraid of the other one.  Don't keep supporting the police because you are afraid of criminals.  Don't keep supporting war because you are afraid of terrorists.  Don't keep supporting religion because you are afraid to be alone.  Don't keep supporting what you suspect is simply the lesser of two evils because the evil gits are laughing behind the scenes and that is the way they maintain power over you.  That is the way they pervert reality and run the world.  And it will never work.  As they say "It will all end in tears".

Do not accept bullshit from authoritarian sycophants.  Take a look at Dave's complaint to the Children Services.  Ok they didn't do much wrong but that is still no excuse.  Dave is fighting for all the people who cannot fight back and consequently do suffer greatly for this kind of abuse by official organisations.  Stop the abuse of our world now.  Give up going along with bullshit.  You'll be glad you did. 

End of rant!


  1. If love is truth then I think it's taken a back seat to greed,lust and lies. There was a time not too long ago when people could disagree amiably and still hold a respect for the other. No so anymore. It seems that the extremists have taken center stage and provide a steady diet on our airwaves. And they think that whoever holds the reigns of the media holds the ultimate power. But with the internet the truth gets out. And as people start to get to know others around the world they begin to realize that we're all pretty much the same. The styles may be different but the goals and dreams are very much the same. That was the once thing that struck me when I randomly browsed the web looking for the difference in cultures. No matter what country I went to I saw the similarities of my own culture. In doing so I gained an even greater respect for my fellow man. And that is something sadly lacking in todays' world.
    I'd love nothing better than to stop the abuse but I see no means for doing that other than doing my part in the smallest of ways for those around me. My motto has always been to do at least one kindness each day no matter how small.

  2. What is wrong with the world?


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