Monday, 18 July 2011

Hacking whistleblower found dead (cough cough peep plonk).

John Yates has now resigned.  What is that about?  These people don't resign because there is gossip and distraction.  They resign in an attempt to escape justice.  So how deeply was he involved in the illegal conspiratorial machinations of the subculture of control freaks including politicians, journalists and the police.  How deep and how dark are these murky waters?  What sort of mafia style control is going on.  Soon people are going to have to come to terms with the fact that these people have a public image and a private reality.  They construct their public image.  You do have to be naive to imagine that the police are as they appear.  They are not mastermind criminals, they start off seeing the profession as having advantages and they possibly even believe in the good intentions.  But remember the mafia are very Roman Catholic.  They think they believe in a benign God.  They just think someone has got to enforce control to maintain the stability.  They do this by judging people and controlling all those they believe are lesser humans than them.  The police do this.  It has been clearly illustrated with numerous investigations.  Politicians are about the same except they are gullible twits.  And the media are the people who really hold the puppet strings.  In fact a good analogy is that the puppets are the politicians, the police are the strings and the media are the puppet masters.

And just to keep the story alive Sean Hoare has been found dead at his home in Watford.  Sean Hoare worked for the News of the World and claimed Andy Coulson was not only aware that phone hacking was going on but he was actively promoting it.  Sean Hoare left the News of the World under a bit of a cloud because of his drinking and drug habits.  I suspect he just overdid it in celebration at the escalating phone hacking scandal.  But it makes for more gossip and speculation.

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  1. Politicians are corrupt.

    Bliar, Mandelson the puff, Brown, Call me Dave, Little Cleggy....

    No matter.

    We're fucked until we ban anyone who expresses an interest in entering politics from ever entering politics.

    ...apart from me of course. I can't spell corrupt so I'm safe....