Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Amy Winehouse - what can you say?

As you get older sometimes it seems that God has worked everything out too well.  Amy Winehouse tragically died on Saturday 23 July 2011.  I first saw Amy Winehouse on the Jools Holland Hootenanny show in 2006 singing Monkey Man.  It is one of those performances that exude talent and authenticity.  There was something about her performance, her 'devil may care' attitude, her writhing gestures and her raw nakedness hinted at in her clothing but so evident in her soul that I knew this lady was something special.  I've adored her ever since.

Amy Winehouse - Monkey Man

Jools Holland is a mega faceted musical talent and guru;  He rated her as having 'one of the best voices of anybody of all time'.  I don't know about that but she was one of the most talented artists I have ever encountered.  She is up there with the likes of Syd Barrett and Vincent van Gough for pure raw honest personal  humanity.  Of course it was as likely as not that she would burn and die.  She did and it is part of the raw tragedy of real life.  Somehow, though, it makes life worth living.  I for one am really glad I encountered just a small part of her genius.  Of course I am sad to see her go and I think on it a lot.  But maybe, when enough talent has died, I really won't care so much about leaving this place after all.

Here's a few other best performances available by Amy Winehouse on You Tube worth putting in your conceptual essence:

Amy Winehouse - Rehab

Amy Winehouse - You Know I'm No Good

Amy Winehouse - Love Is A Losing Game

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  1. She died about 5 years ago but wouldn't lie down.

    An incredible voice at her worst.

    I'm sad she's gone as we've lost someone special.

    I'm even sadder she's gone as her family have lost someone even more special....and for them, it's personal...

    No peace in life Amy. Have peace in your early and ill timed death babe x