Tuesday, 19 July 2011

What I wish

So often people wish for nice things.  Not me though.

As life starts out for many people they have hopes and dreams.  So long as they can develop reasonably well they might maintain hope and so be able to wish for nice things.  But when your life has been destroyed by relentless nastiness and there is finally no hope left what are you going to do?  I suppose I do 'wish' for nice things but I am so angry with the destruction wrought by so many people that I am very distressed, angry and resentful.  I guess that makes me a bitter and twisted individual.  But without people like me how could all those sanctimonious pretentious selfish gits satisfy themselves that they are so wonderful.  And there, perhaps, lies the answer.  They require people like me to feel good about themselves.  They create despair and destruction around them just to feel not so bad.  They are negative entities in the universe.  Like dark matter they seem invisible and make up the majority of everything.  They selfishly get on with their lives kidding themselves with feigned innocence.  They are the sort who go to church and whisper nice things to their all powerful joker called God.  "Please God save all the starving children around the world.  Please God save all the poor people in the war."  But they leave church feeling that they have proved that they care and buy themselves an ice cream and go home to their nice house and keep the tax they pay invisible by pretending they are being responsible citizens.  They even pervert that by imagining that they are hard done by having to pay the tax.  That makes them feel a little better.  "I suffer as well.  I have to pay all that tax."  But where does the tax go?  A lot of it goes to the rich folk running the war for profit and manipulating the economics of the world to maintain poverty, starvation and disease.  But they plead "What can I do about it?"  They are sad pathetic individuals and are fodder for the oppressors.

I think I will start a really constructive project.  I will set out on a last attempt to communicate something of worth.  I will rip the negative constructs apart and leave them in shreds.  I will invalidate the self contradictory philosophical edifices used by these morons and leave them naked and vulnerable.  I will make them suffer indefinitely.  I will tear down their temples and rebuild them in three days - Hang on - is this sounding a bit like Christianity?  I've been infected.  That is what God is all about.  Which God?  I hear you cry.  Well I don't actually because I don't think many people will get what I am talking about.  The point being that the God of Judaism was replaced by Christ.  He tore down their metaphorical temples and brought 'humanity' and 'love' into reality instead of the fictionalising of it in the 'spiritual' world only to leave reality bereft of it.  He made it clear that goodness and love were actually really here in the material world.  But that was too much for folk to cope with so they stuffed it back into the spiritual world and constructed a church called Christianity where they could whisper nice things to their fantasy God again.

I was brought up as a Christian.  I really tried to understand what they were going on about.  I did understand a lot of it.  But somehow the complex jigsaw just didn't connect in the middle.  Thousands of tiny parts all linked together nicely but there was always something wrong.  Eventually I began to understand what it was.  They fictionalise goodness.  They fictionalise love.  They become the very thing they hate the most.  Meaningless blobs in the universe that do nothing but harm.  They are a cancer.  They have destroyed the hope in life.  They are so afraid that they might be meaningless that they have become death.  Christianity, along with Islam and Judaism are little more than perverse panic by millions of pathetic lost bits of sentient life in the universe.  Thank God they are going to end up as a jumble of decomposing biology and finally become simple molecules roaming free in the universe once more.

Just in case there is any doubt in the readers mind I do not like pretentious religious gits.  They deserve the worst their God has to offer.  And if I could do anything to help I would.  But I have been successfully disarmed and imprisoned by their imposed poverty.  I would advise them not to let me escape because my vengeance would be unstoppable.  If I escape I will dedicate my life to destroying their culture of cruelty and greed.

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  1. Please God...make me rich and fuck everyone else