Friday, 22 July 2011

I know David Cameron is busy.

Much as I appreciate that David Cameron is busy I did decide that, as the Prime Minister, he really should know what is going on in the country.  Even though sometimes you would be forgiven for thinking he didn't.  He really can't be blamed for not knowing what is going on if no one is willing to tell him.

Incidentally Sam lets me, Dave, write in his blog sometimes.  I'm Dave Hook as opposed to Dave Cameroon.  I explain this because when you look at the letter to the Prime Minister you would be forgiven for wondering who wrote it since it says it is from Dave (me).  Of course Dave is a pseudonym because we like to maintain privacy at this web site and really don't like all this phone hacking invasion of privacy stuff (like fuck) (SHIT! who said that?) because we like to get truly ensconced in the murky collusion of secrecy here.  No - it's not like that - you don't understand.  Hell, who does understand?  ME actually!  Since you ask!

So I wrote to the Prime Minister.  I wrote to the Home Secretary, Theresa May, too.  And to Graham Stuart MP and John Hemming MP and my local MP.  You see I'm a bit bothered by the disgusting behaviour of the Children Services in my town.  In fact given the amount of manipulative criticism that I have suffered in my relatively short life of less than 100 years I am fed up with prats and dick-heads making my life impossible.  So the fact that even the Home Office doesn't seem to know whether it is the 'Children's Services' or the 'Children Services' gets right up my nose.  The Children Services don't seem to know what they are called either.  Can you believe that?  Well unfortunately knowing the calibre of the people who work there it would be surprising if they did know the name of the organisation they worked for.  Most of them know their own names though.  It is, in fact, the Children Services.  I conclude this because it is within the Children Services Directorate and because it is a similar organisation to the Adult Services but for a different category of human.  No one has a problem with the Children Services Directorate and no one has a problem with Adult Services.  They don't accidentally call it the Adult's Services.  One reason for that is it starts of as Adult Services and if they try to say Adult's Services they get a problem with an impending lisp which they rapidly reject.  So it remains the Adult Services.  Children Services, however, seems to give them a problem.  One issue is that 'Adult' is singular and 'Children' is plural.  If it were the Adults Services would they get confused and refer to it as the Adults Services, the Adults' Services and the Adult's Services on different occasions.  Probably!

Well I had to go out and on my return this is looking remarkably anal.  But the point is that they literally don't even know what they are called.  They have been seriously offensive to us and had I not stopped them who knows how far it might have gone.  Having stopped them, however, it seems the 'seriousness' of their offence doesn't warrant concern.  Well that might be their opinion but it is not mine.  The way I see it is that they are abusive and most of their victims are unable to confront them or stand up to them so I am going to do it.  They are quite funny in some ways because had they simply acted like normal human beings and apologised for their rudeness in the first place (well the umpteenth place actually but who's counting)  I would have accepted it.  But they have continued to add insult to injury with amazing resilience.  Even to the point of 8 months down the line when the Ombudsman has been involved I sent them a complaint and requested a response in two working days, pointing out that it was their statutory obligation, they simply didn't respond.  Oh golly what a wheeze.  Well they might not thing it is such a jolly jape when they get a letter from the Prime Minister's Office asking them what's going on.  Cos I don't expect David will deal with the letter himself.  He has a lot of things to be dealing with at the moment notwithstanding the mischievous journalists.

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  1. As an adult with a mental age of 12 on a good day I seem to be relevent to the entire post....

    I am sane...honest...

    Now about that compost order....

    well?....I have a BIG garden!!!