Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Is Lamb a Faux Pas?

Whew! Thank goodness for that.  Or should it be Thank God!  Oops... I mean Thank Allah (may all his camels have ice cream for breakfast).  At last someone has got the courage to stand up for what's right.  We have been waiting for this for years, nay, generations.  In this country we have been trying to get things right with Christianity.  Christ was a good egg of sorts but somehow he seems to have lost the plot.  For all his peace loving ways the upshot was death by crucifixion.  These Muslim geezers have a more practical and efficacious approach.  Say it like it is.  Down with all non-believers!  They have the courage to make posters and enforce sane, reasonable, moral standards for the benefit of the poor degenerate population.  Where would we be without their guidance, nay, enforcement of their moral code.  Well we might be suffering from drug crazed orgies and hangovers, God forbid.  At least they are brave enough to sexually mutilate young girls for life.  Women are such a threat after all and you have to be brave to do that.  I love Muslims.  There is something quite special about them.  Somehow they must be handpicked by Allah and injected with some superior sacred insight and knowledge because they evidently know something that the rest of humanity couldn't know without their enforcement.  They understand the utter profundity of telling the truth.  They understand that no matter how distasteful it might appear to the unbelievers the truth is that the truth is not true.  It is evidently a spiritually profound reality that the way to love and peace is through hatred and violence.  I can see it now.  Someone terrifies me with threats of violence and to avoid the pain so that I can remain alive and free I submit to their will and become subservient to them for my freedom.  Oh how liberating it is when you realise the truth for the first time.  Thank you Anjem Choudary and all your faithful followers in the UK for enlightening me.  I love you and I'll never go against your wishes.  You are always welcome in my home and I promise I will stop drinking and smoking and fornicating and... (is wanking allowed?).

Hooray for Islam.  Hooray for Muslims.  Hooray for the Qur'an.  (Am I safe now?... please.)

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  1. Ha you think the Muslim boys are saints? If you were only privy to what goes on in the average household over there you'd be appalled or maybe their Imam would. Behind the closed doors you'd find women in short skirts with no head covers and an open bar for all the guests.
    Look no farther than our own religious elite and count the sex scandals too numerous to mention.