Saturday, 13 August 2011

Wandsworth eviction.

The decline of Britain humanity.

So Wandsworth council decide to evict a mother of boy who was charged but not convicted of something in connection with the riots in Clapham Junction.  Well I am fed up with all these self righteous, smug, arrogant, angry fascist pigs.

I have spent many years on this planet and in the UK.  I have been well educated and at times have had a very middle class life.  I have endlessly listened to judgemental comments and condemnations from supercilious people.

FACT: In British law you are presumed innocent until proven guilty.
FACT: You can't be punished twice for the same crime.
FACT: You can't blame someone for someone else's crime.
FACT: You can't punish someone for someone else's crime.
FACT: Even people who do bad things need somewhere to live.

This is sanctimonious, bigoted, judgemental bullying in the extreme.  Get real you mindless gits.  Deal with the real problem.  Deal with the fact that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer and it cannot work in the long run.

It is laughable that we regard the concept of the whipping boy for the prince as ridiculous but we do it ourselves.  It is pathetic that we understand that making scapegoats is avoiding the problem, unjust and makes things worse but we still do it.  But the mob that is "Britain" is baying for blood in the most primitive and obscene way.  And the public in their sorry state of fear are going along with it with the most appalling enthusiasm.

Bring back the ducking stool for God's sake - Why not?  It would be simpler.

And as a thought to consider: Why not apply the same judgement to the people in authority who are continually damaging innocent people's lives by their illegal behaviour and ruthless greed?  Is it perhaps because the people of this country are basically cowards who find it easier to doff their caps and mutter "Yes sir" to save their own sorry skins.

And David Cameron might be the first to be judged for his illegal behaviour in inciting this terrorism.  He is in a position of responsibility and has no right to encourage and support this illegitimate action by Wandsworth council.  But the mob will, of course, side with him in the hope that some security may be afforded to them by their unquestioning allegiance to the hierarchy.

The rioters behaviour is not nice but the public's response is disgusting and nihilistic in the extreme.

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