Sunday, 10 April 2011

Well done Iceland people.

The Icelandic people have voted "NO" to repaying the €3.9 billion to Britain and Holland after the Icesave Bank crashed in October 2008.  Why well done?  Because money is a game with the rules written by the rich.  It all seems fair to play musical chairs whilst you believe you have the advantage.  It is ridiculous to suggest that some individuals can be paid massive salaries and huge bonuses for working at a job looking after other people's money and yet they are not held responsible for the massive losses and huge failures of their actions.  It is bewilderingly stupid to expect the poor to be poor whilst the fat cats get richer and then when the fat cats fall foul of their own rules they simply steal the money from the poor people again pushing them deeper into poverty.  They remain financially secure and happy on the backs of the population.

Is there any connection between this and the revolutions in the Middle East?  Of course there is.  The whole world is running a pyramid economy and the Arabs are somewhere near the bottom of the pile.  The whole house of cards is coming down and people are beginning to refuse to accept the results of the rules which ultimately ensure that some people are very rich and the majority are nothing more than slaves to them.

The idea of suggesting that it is reasonable that you can borrow money because you are enticed and there is no other way to survive and then you can be charged interest at an unsustainable rate and eventually have to work more hours and more years and get less pension until you die would be laughable except for the fact that that is what it is all about.  But it is far worse than that really.  The people running the scams are doing it deliberately and they know that every time there is an avalanche they simply sidestep it and pass it down the line.

If I put my money in a bank and the bank goes bust my problem is with the company of men (cos it usually is men) who were running the bank and who lost my money.  I don't want the bankers to live in their expensive houses and be working for another bank whilst the people in their country have to pay me with their money (that they haven't got).  It is a ridiculous notion and if we continue along this path without making the bankers responsible for their actions there is only one inevitable end.  Revolution in Iceland, revolution in Britain, revolution in Europe and in the USA (where the population is already armed!)

Part of what is driving this opposition to "austerity measures" around the world is the internet and the likes of WikiLeaks because it is becoming clear what nasty and tricky behaviour is going on in the higher echelons of power and money.  It's all part of the evolution of the collective consciousness.  Like in Tunisia and Egypt and Libya the people who are running the show will try their damndest to stifle the free flow of information in order to maintain the illusion to control the population for their own benefit.  But like in those countries it cannot work.  Once the proverbial cat is out of the bag there is no putting her back!

Britain and the United States are trying so hard even as I write to censor and control the internet.  They will end up shooting people in the streets.  Remember you heard it here first on Toxic Drums.  What do you think they will do?  Whilst they have your compliance of course they want to seem reasonable.  Obama has recently repeatedly condemned imprisonment without trial and torture in the Middle East.  Of course it all sounds great because it is appearing to echo the people's sentiments.  What could he say?  And yet Guantanamo is still operational, rendition is still seen as "expedient" and Bradley Manning is still being psychologically tortured without a trial.  If their power base is threatened they will see their task (as they always do) as "helping" the poor stupid people by preventing them from shooting themselves in the feet by strong arm tactics "if necessary".  In other words they will do everything they can to avoid revolt and that will lead to violent clashes.

We may well fear the revolutions in the Middle East over here in comfy Europe because if they manage to democratise they will not be so malleable and the Europeans will have to pay a fair price for oil (and chocolate).  They will reasonably expect a piece of the old American Apple Pie and will take some of the wealth over to themselves.  This will cost Europe and the USA.  How are we going to manage?  We are collapsing right now.  There is talk of the recession being over.  There are ideas about hard times with the assumption that they will be temporary.  But they cannot be temporary under the current political and economic system.  It is a one way ride and it has got to stop.  It will stop either by sensible decisions now or it will simply crash and burn.

SENSIBLE DECISIONS NOW means that everybody stops supporting the oppressive and unfair "rules" whilst you still have the strength to do so.  Everyone must stop being greedy. This doesn't mean that you middle class folk have to give up your second houses, your caravans, or your opulent lifestyle.  This is not the usual lefty guilt trip issue.  This means stop kidding yourself that the bosses will continue to look after you so long as you don't rock the boat.  You are their lackeys, their saps, and they will murder you as soon as look at you if it is about their wealth.  They are already stealing your pensions by reducing them and making you work more years.  They will never give it back voluntarily.  The thing is you have to start believing in the fairness and compassion that you treasure so much.  You have to really believe it and make your voice heard when asked - like the Icelandic people!  They fought for their political independence and freedom and now they are fighting for their economic independence and freedom.

So when the students go on the rampage again applaud them.  They are simply fighting the debt slavery culture!

Thank you and goodnight.

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    Why the hell shoold the people of Iceland foot the bill for a bloody bank?

    Good for them. If the European Courts rule they should they should declare war on Europe and drop icebergs on Brussels from a great height!!!

  2. shoold?...oh more voddy Dinners...

  3. You are full of good ideas Dinners :) Kill people with icebergs and there is no trace of a murder weapon. It could be blamed on the hand of God ... or Allah ... or Yahweh ... or Odin or Thor or Buggha or ... which is the right one anyway?

  4. Bugger? God Of Yorkshiremen and Sheep?...;-)

  5. Sorry I haven't had the time to post a comment. Too busy with the nose to the grindstone.
    As you know there are many across the pond here who are without jobs. Those that are finding work are faced with large reductions in pay. So it makes me wonder just when the tipping point will come. At present the powers that be would like nothing more than have us work until we drop.
    As for taxes they've lowered federal taxes to the point where people pay little and corporations pay even less. You can just imagine what that will do to our infrastructure in the next five or ten years. Nothing like wanting something for nothing eh? But the real curse for those of us at or near the bottom (hey I don't make $250,000 or better) is that state and local taxes and fees are killing us not to mention rising gas prices just to get to work.

    So what's your crystal ball say about all this? When does the Arabic revolution spread here? This is no longer a democracy here it's a corporatocracy.

  6. Hi Demeur

    I just wrote a long reply and Google fouled up and lost it. Damn!

    But in essence check out to see how I know all about poverty. I simply sit in someone else's attic getting more and more ill. I may have a biased view because of my circumstances but I do check my brain several times a week to try to measure it and I think I am not too biased. The trouble seems to be that the state of affairs with the economy, the blatant theft, the "austerity measures", the increasing prices, the blame culture, there is no way the situation can mend itself the way boom and bust has worked in the past. Short of a paradigm shift occurring peacefully there will simply be too many people who are ultimately faced with the stark choice "Die a long painful humiliating death in poverty or die fighting for something better." I have faith in humanity and they will choose the latter.

    I was thinking the other day, and should write a page about it, that we have a culture which separates people deliberately. People are naturally (and inherently) communal. But our culture makes it necessary to "look after yourself" in such a way that you have to become essentially selfish. This is not natural and cannot work. We will change to a culture where the core values are in dignity and respect for other humans and their environment. Where truth matters and deception is not punished so much as simply seen for what it is. We will change. But whether we do it kind of voluntarily or whether there has to be violent revolution I don't know. Looking at all of human history I suspect it will be difficult.

    As for the time scale. I reckon within 5 years (by 2015) but some people think I am being overly cautious. I think it will take a while from here for the inevitability to dawn on people. I don't think people revolt easily. But the seeds are sown and germinating as we see in the general attitude towards politicians and bankers, the student riots ( ) and the little skirmish in Bristol ( ) the other day. The US citizens are armed and so guns will get used. But they will not be happy to use them and the pressure has to be very high. As for the UK I don't know how it will happen but I think it will be led by the unemployed educated youth. Funny - that's the same bunch as in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain... etc. It's not that we don't like the way things are it is that they are intolerable.

  7. And because I wanted to make links in my comment but didn't know how this is an experiment to see if Student Riots links to the page.

  8. And yet other blogger comment links work like on Four Dinners