Thursday, 7 April 2011

Merry-go-round Disasters

Here we go again.  Round and round we go.  Subprime crash, Gulf of Mexico oil spill, credit crunch and Fukushima.  We are not as clever as we seem to think we are.  In fact we are probably less clever than monkeys.  Our problems are possibly the consequence of not using our cleverness.  That is, we are capable of being clever but instead we abuse the benefit and the consequences are worse than if we were never endowed with that attribute in the first place.

Rationality seems to be a real benefit.  Logic, formalised by Aristotle, is a mechanism of reasoning which is reliable and informative.  Logic allows us to realise more than we might know otherwise.  It is a great tool in learning more about the world from the scant facts and observations that we can make as individuals.  One of the beautiful characteristics of rational thought is that is always produces reliable and valid results.  It is truly amazing but that is how it is.  If you believe in God you might exclaim that God is wonderful because he has ensured consistency in his creation.  The main consistency that is overtly evident to the human is in language.  If it is stated that all swans are white then they are.  It is really simple.  If it is not white it is not a swan.  It is as simple as that.

But of course you can't believe in God if you accept rationality because God is an invention... Read more...

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  1. I'm NOT The Messiah! I'm a very naughty boy!'ve not seen 'Black Swan' then?...bloody good movie actually...