Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Hoorah! It's The Royal Wedding

And the sea isn't green
And I love the queen
And what exactly is a dream
And what exactly is a joke.

Lyrics by that crazy diamond Syd Barrett from Jugband Blues on Pink Floyds album A Saucerful of Secrets made in 1968.

What exactly is a joke? The Royal Family are a dictatorial family who for generations have maintained power and control over huge rafts of wealth, land and people. In order to maintain their position against incredible odds they have plotted and connived and constructed a public image to maintain their wealth and influence. They are not a nice bunch of dear little English folk. In fact their lineage is primarily German. But are we really fooled by these people? I think so.

Alex Jones has a nice little potted history and a view on the Royal Wedding.

Personally I don't give a damn. I am fed up with the disgusting attitude of the rich over the poor and worse still the poor's applauding and respect for their rich rulers. That is the bankers, politicians and, hey, the Royal Family. I really think it is disgusting that the likes of the Prince Salman bin Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa the Crown Prince of Bahrain are invited to this elitist gathering whilst he is indulging in the murder of protestors and abduction of doctors. However he has declined the invitation claiming he didn't want to tarnish the celebrations whilst there was unrest in Bahrain. How very astute and considerate of him. I'm sure Prince William understands that Salman has more interesting games to be playing this weekend.

It is disgusting that Saudi Arabia's Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf bin Abdulaziz has been invited and is expected to attend along with the likes of Zimbabwe's ambassador to the United Kingdom and Mswati III king of Swaziland. All of these people have been accused of human-rights abuses and with good reason.

But steady on the world is a tough place. Ruling people is not an easy task and sometimes firm measures are required. Well even if it were necessary, and I don't believe it is, I certainly can't be expected to agree with them. And anyway the evidence doesn't suggest that their constructed image is correct anyway. They have all the money and they don't exactly help other people. Those are the facts. The help they do give, like the Prince's Trust, is a little unconvincing when you look at the financial details. It is just publicity. Hey! I'd be willing to help people with other people's money if I were that rich and interested in keeping my dosh.

But you've got to feel sorry for them because they may feel they have no choice. But then I feel I have no choice but to be penniless and homeless. If the wealth of the country were spread a little more evenly we could all be happy but some people are just too desperate to have so much more. I have been alive for a few years and after a few more I will be gone. But whilst I am here I notice that I am disgusted at the way a few people treat the majority. That's about it really - disgusted.

I have nothing against them personally but as figureheads in a role they are primarily human and they should treat that role in the way that they profess everyone should act according to their God. I mean God for heaven's sake. Nothing trumps that. God is the meaning of life. God supersedes this temporal existence so if for one fraction of a second they meant what they profess they simply could not act the way they do. It is a con. Really. It's a con. But...

I love the queen.

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  1. As a Northerner I come from a long lineage who are not Royalists....yet...I'm so so sorry old bean...I am.


    I think it's rather nice to have a Queen (or King) and I'm inordinantly proud that we have.

    Yes, they are quite dysfunctional but a Royal Family means we aren't a Republic.

    Let's see. Approx £65 Million to keep our Royal Family as opposed to President Blair...

    Not a hard choice really...;-)

    Besides, we give 70 odd Billion to the bloody EU so 60 Mill to keep our Royal Family - who by their presence and existence - bring in many millions in tourism is cheap at half the price if you ask me.

    Besides. Kate. You would wouldn't you?...I bloody would!...;-)