Thursday, 21 April 2011

It is wonderful to believe in God!

Now here is a truly religious movie from DarkMatter2525. You can't help getting the point really. I like it... (this one is dedicated to Dinners because I know he'll love it)

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  1. What???????? There is no heaven?????????

    I'm shocked to my very core. Shocked I tell you.

    I dispute this theory. Having spent 5 days in The New Forest recently and having seen absolutely nobody but English people speaking English and absolutely nobody wearing 'peek-a-boo' Bedouin tents I can categorically confirm Heaven does exist. I've been there.

    As Belinda Carlisle once sang...'Heaven is a place on Earth'...and it's in Devon. Rumour has it Heaven may also be in Norfolk and possibly Cornwall too....

    I rest my just in case The Buddhists have it right...I will return as a cat with a good owner...

    Loved it old bean. Abso loved it!!! Ta