Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Let's just chuck it in the sea!

There is something so irresponsible, irrational and irritating about the way TEPCO are dealing with this crisis at the Fuckashemale plant . Anyone would think they were children playing. In the case of children they experiment at a level which is safe. In the case of TEPCO they are not just a big company and as such their behaviour effects lots of people but they are dealing with a world scale problem.

First of all the nuclear power stations should never have been built the way they were. But the way our economic system works with all the irrationality and the greed motive it is not surprising that the human sense applied to safety regulations only just manages to make them relatively safe. Nuclear power stations can be built to really safe standards. The two main ingredients which are missing are ingenuity and money. They say nuclear power is economic but they don't factor in the disposal of the waste but that's another story. Given the reality of the way our economic system works there is now another major problem with dealing with an accident. The human element. We educate ingenuity out of our populations. We have this strange way of setting standards which children have to achieve as if there is something wrong with them if they fail. We intimidate them, we threaten them, we set them against each other (all designed into the Calvinistic indoctrination model) and we praise and reward them when their results match the official ones. Then we give the most important jobs to the best conformists. That is the people who have the least ability to think creatively. So we give them jobs in nuclear power stations and when something goes wrong they are very good at "doing the right thing" so that they couldn't possibly be blamed. So they will do what the manual tells them. But the manual did not anticipate this sequence of events that have led to an unexpected crisis.

What they should have done was to order new batteries straight away. Then they should have ordered new generators. Heck if this was a pop concert I am sure they would have got mobile generators in place very quickly. But the people at the plant could not stand back and see what the bigger picture was because they are so well trained to do the predictable. When the plants started blowing up it was unbelievable that they started pouring sea water into the system. But to follow this with concrete followed by papier-mâché and then to use bath salts to try to see where the leak was is all too much to be believed. Like the moon landings I am beginning to wonder if this is just part of the fake construct manufactured by some secret organisation to keep the population entertained and then to justify more austere actions later. But the saga continues. Then they suggest wrapping the plant in a giant cloth bag! This is art. This is not science. I like art but not with dangerous nuclear material. Given that it was inevitable that they would have to do something with all the irradiated sea water they poured into the plants they are now talking about the need to get rid of it as if it is an unexpected event. As if it has nothing to do with them. And they are coming up with such a stupid and uncreative idea. They want to pour the water into the sea. This is not acceptable. Of course just once, if it were the only problem, and we were being generally responsible and sustainable in our behaviour otherwise, an action like this may be justified. But we are destroying this planet piece by piece and this philosophy of treating the world as if we can't do any real harm is irresponsible and unacceptable. The Gulf of Mexico oil spill problem would not be so desperate if it were the only case. There are thousands and thousands of cases of unacceptable pollution occurring at an increasing rate on this planet. For more than 50 years the population has been clearly aware that this kind of thing is not sustainable so why do we allow the power mongers to continue with their selfish corruption.

Here's a simple solution for the folk at Fukushima: Put the water in an oil tanker. Now you can set a team on solving the problem of filtering the water and safely storing the radioactive waste. Simples! But no! They have to panic and pour it into the sea. If this were the only issue it would possibly be acceptable but watch this space: It will not be the only case.

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  1. It's the radioactive crabs I'm worried about...ordinary crabs are bad enough...er...so I'm told..but radioactive crabs???...oh dear...there goes the sex life...

    Dinners!!! Can't you be serious for once???


    power mongers?...we let them do it.It's down to us cause we haven't the balls to get together and stop them.