Saturday, 23 April 2011

Bristol riots.

The UK authorities have practiced instigating riots in a small middle class British town in preparation for things to come.

It might sound a little harsh to accuse the police of instigating the riots in Bristol on Thursday 21 April 2011. It would seem to be a conspiracy theory worthy of the broader reputation of such theories. But I have been predicting riots in Britain for a few years now. And I predict that this is just the initial rumblings of things to come.

Sometimes people do things that they don't even know they are doing. One thing that strikes me about conspiracy theories is that sometimes the theories are discredited because attributing such devious and complicated conscious motives to individuals seem unbelievable. The same theories are discredited and so the official explanation is accepted by default. But people do things more intuitively than consciously. The rationalisation more often than not comes as an explanation for the action. See Conspiracy Coincidences for an example of this dynamic.

It seems there was a Tesco store which residence were not pleased with. An understandable sentiment perhaps. And it seems there were some squatters in a building opposite the store. The police got reports that the squatters had petrol bombs and were possibly planning to burn the building down. Now why would you need a large force of riot police to deal with that? You wouldn't. But the police did have significant force hiding around the corner from the squatters residence. Okay, so they send a few police officers into the squat and arrest four people and leave. But for some strange reason several hundred residence appeared on the streets and apparently began building barricades and setting fire to rubbish bins. This is all beginning to sound a little implausible as it stands. Bath is a nice middle class English town. The police force came out of hiding and it really doesn't matter who (metaphorically) fired the first shot the fact is that there were confrontations resulting in many injuries. It seems on first reports that most of the injuries were to the police. You could almost feel sorry for the police.

What is also very interesting is that many of the local residence interviewed expressed the view that it was fun and exciting. Overall it seems that the incident was a small insignificant event in the larger picture or British or world history. But why were the police so well prepared and why did the local people feel that this was a fun event? Most people are not happy at the prospects of riots in their neighbourhood. The answer lies in the state of world politics.

We live in a hierarchy of oppression. The unrest, protests, riots and revolutions currently filling our television screens and internet browsers are basically people-power objecting to the extremities of oppression. They have nothing left to lose. And the Western World is keeping its populations appeased by responding in the only acceptable way to maintain the illusions of reasonableness and democracy and are condemning the oppressive dictators. The Western powers will soon be hoist on their own petard. It is the Western powers that have utilised, even installed, the hierarchical oppressive regimes in the Middle East and North Africa. It is part of the pyramid of oppression. But the pyramid economy which facilitates the oppression goes deep into the structure of the Western World. Not only is the Western World's financial structure on the brink of collapse due to the excessive abuse of the banks but now the resultant economic tsunami is just beginning to crash across Europe and America from the shattering earthquake of revolution in the Middle East. As the Middle East is destabilised the price of fuel rises. I am a little amazed at how the politicians are acting almost surprised at the scale of the effect this is having on food prices and just about every other consumer product. It is like the naivety they exhibit over the power of the internet.

The politicians across Europe and America have been continuing the paradigm of oppressing the poor to keep them in line and rewarding the rich as if they are the ones who can save our society. But this is simply the crimes escalating. There is neither any moral excuse to make poor people poorer in an attempt to "save money" by claiming the need for "austerity measures" nor is there any rational pragmatic case to take more from the poor to make the rich richer. It is immoral and irrational but then when has history ever demonstrated otherwise. Compulsive human behaviour predictably gets stronger as time goes on. The idea being it has worked so far so if we simply turn up the volume it will work some more. But there is one inevitable end to that sequence. The situation will fail.

All across the Western world the populations are becoming more aware of the criminal activities of the banks. They are more aware of the deceptive behaviour of politicians. They are becoming poorer to the point that they are losing basic necessities let alone a reduction in living standards. They are close to having virtually nothing to lose and the hierarchy of power is going to be confronted by the question of how to maintain the pressure when the trouble starts. If it is so unacceptable to use bullets against a population in the Middle East the populations of Europe and America will feel confident and empowered in the same way they have seen the people of the Middle East confront their regimes. People in Britain are very close to not accepting the poverty imposed on them by the rich. And the rich/poor divide is widening fast. The illusion presented by the hierarchy is dissolving fast. More and more people are out of work. More and more young people can see no reasonable future. And it only takes a Tesco store in the wrong place to provoke a mini riot.

The police know that they do not have the resources to deal with the kind of riots that occurred in Britain several decades ago. And they would be simply overwhelmed if the intensity of protests were significantly higher. With the advent of the internet and the examples of its usefulness in the Middle East even the dumb British Bobby can see that the potential for disaster in this country is rising fast. And so can the people. The police were afraid that this situation could escalate. They were primed for it and so they were prepared for it. Their very preparation will have been stimulating to the residence and it doesn't take much on the internet to spread the news live as it happens. The police, I believe, inadvertently turned an ordinary crime prevention activity into a riot.

So if I suggest that the police instigated this riot as a test case for things to come you might now see what I mean. It is not entirely conscious. They didn't sit and plan it. But they know the delicate state of affairs and were over armed because of their fear and sure enough as soon as there was any signs of trouble they wanted to quell it fast and so used inappropriate force which caused a backlash to justify their preparedness. It's basically because we all know what is coming.

Part of the explanation given for shoring up the bankers with billions of pounds was that if their bonuses and profits were curtailed they would simply move abroad and we would lose all that expertise. But surprisingly they didn't use the money to help oil the economy (as was the condition of the money) but rather they pocketed it and asked for more. When the coffers are dry they will leave anyway. The authorities might be afraid of that but I think it would be a jolly good thing and the sooner the better. Appeasement has never worked and it won't work now. And the people of Britain (and Europe and America) are being primed for revolt. Within a year or five the whole landscape of Europe and the US will have changed dramatically. There is no amount of fudging that will stop climate change, lower world population, increase food production and generally allow the current ways of carrying on to continue. Any fix is only a temporary patch. This abusive mechanism is doomed. My best hope is that humanity can find a fundamentally different paradigm for survival.

So the mini riot in Bristol was provoked by the police (bless them) in preparation for things to come.

"Mark my words!" says Sam as he waves a twiggy finger knowingly in the winds of change.

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  1. Apparently, Brixton was an 'uprising' rather than a riot...

    er...oh dear...My poor poor England...what are they doing to you?