Saturday, 30 August 2014

Why Scotland should vote "YES" to independence.


There are plenty of small countries like Norway, the Isle of Man and Monaco which flourish as independent entities.  There is no fundamental reason why Scotland cannot do so.  There is no inherent dependency on the rest of the UK and Westminster in particular.  In fact the Scots have traditionally been a fiery independent lot not succumbing to being usurped too readily.  Vote to un-usurp yourselves.

All arguments for remaining in the UK are self contradictory, spurious or downright stupid.  Westminster is not a benign parent looking after a dependent child who would come to harm if they weren't there to support them.  If the UK wants Scotland to remain in the UK it is for the benefit of Westminster.  If Scotland was a burden they would encourage the Scots to become independent wouldn't they?  Westminster wants what Scotland has got.  And Westminster evidently wants it for its own aggrandizement and wealth as they continually keep Scotland impoverished by design.

If Scotland is independent and Westminster wants what Scotland has got then Westminster will simply have to make suitable arrangements with Scotland to continue to share the wealth.  This can only be good for Scotland.  Current arrangements would be severed but new ones would be formed - and more directly in the interests of the Scottish people.

Consider, also, two possible scenarios:
1/ Scotland votes "Yes" to independence.  Either they do well in which case it was the right decision or they do not do so well in which case, since Westminster is so desperate to 'keep' Scotland, the independence would clearly be reversible.
2/  Scotland votes "No" to independence.  Westminster continues their 'austerity' policies, selling off of the NHS, privatising everything in sight and generally abusing that poor northern region somewhere up there in the cold and wet north.  Westminster gets a vote of confidence in their policies which are clearly destructive to the general mass of 'people' in the UK and things probably get worse.  What is even worse than that is the Scots will never be asked again because Westminster will forever use the excuse that Scotland was asked and wanted to stay in the UK.

So the first option is reversible and the second option is irreversible.

My reason (being English) for wanting Scottish independence is primarily to give a strong message of no confidence to the elite oligarchs in Westminster.  It would significantly undermine their legitimacy and weaken them in general.

Please tell all your friends in Scotland to wake up and if they can't be bothered to find out the facts then please just don't vote.  Voting in ignorance is probably a dangerous crime.

Voting "Yes" for an independent Scotland will shake things up a bit and will be the best thing that has possibly ever happened to the UK.  Scotland will flourish and right wing permanent war and austerity will be undermined in Westminster.

Humanity is awakening and humanity has to awaken to have any chance of living sustainably and harmoniously on this planet.  Please have the courage to grasp the future and do the right thing.


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