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CBN "How Britain Became a Global Exporter of Terrorism"

Still image from the CBN video below.
I am in the peculiar position of not liking politics and not having a good mind for their mode of discourse and discussion.  I don't either study world events nor do I recall facts and figures well but I have a good analytical mind.  My observations don't fit well in the general political debating arena but they are profound and valid.  So I present them in my own inimitable way and very few people take much notice.  I do converse with both sides of the 'argument' in the political spectrum because I am more interested in how this ridiculous oppositional, competitive and aggressive situation arises.  my objectives are to stop abuse and destruction and to promote sustainable and harmonious existence.

A friend of mine in the USA posted this video (he shall be named Dave for anonymity) and I responded.  Having written my thoughts I decided to post them on my blog to possibly reach a little wider audience.

My response to Dave:

What a pile of inflammatory nonsense.  Are people so stupid that they can't even ask why?  Did parents and teachers so criticise children for asking that simple question that they no longer know how to ask it?

I will respond directly to you Dave and my comments are there for any wider audience.

First of all religions have historically been a rallying call to the wider population.  Religion is never actually the reason or justification for violence.  All Abrahamic religions purport to believe in peace and justice and all have used it to justify the slaughter of other human beings.

What does one collectively call the major western alliances?  USA, Britain, Israel, Germany, France, Europe, Saudi Arabia, Australia, etc. ... this collection of countries which, to varying degrees, are on a self announced mission of expansionism and control?  The term "New World Order" has been discredited by association with "conspiracy theorists" who themselves have been ironically discredited by an illegal conspiracy by the CIA.  But it is American politicians who use the phrase "New World Order" to refer to their wider objectives.  Some people refer to the USA to simplify things because the relationships between UK and USA are of one kind and the relationships between USA and Europe are somewhat different and the Israel piece of the jigsaw is unique in many respects but collectively they form a significant interconnected powerbase so I'll settle for Western Powers for the time being.

The Western Powers have been on a violent mission to occupy, control or influence the Middle East for (more than) decades.  I am not a dedicated historian but even since 9/11 it has been clear what is going on.  American politicians wanted to invade Iraq and Afghanistan and needed a "Pearl Harbour" event to rally the Americans' support for such an invasion.  That was all documented before 9/11.  They got what they wanted in the 9/11 event.  It doesn't matter who was responsible although the evidence strongly suggests it was a false flag.  So in what way could that event possibly be justification for invading those two countries?  There has never been any proof that Osama bin Laden was involved - just assertions and pronouncements from war mongering politicians.  Osama bin Laden was the owner of a 'respectable' Saudi Arabian construction company who the CIA funded to operate as militia in Afghanistan to kill Russians.  No one ever presented evidence that Afghanistan was somehow responsible but they invaded the country on that pretext.  They have all but destroyed that country.  But what about Iraq?  Sadam was backed by the Western Powers to hassle Iran for years but that wasn't good enough especially when they were then strong enough to shout 'foul' over the oil issue.  So the Western Powers invaded the country and killed a million civilians in the process of destroying its political and material infrastructure. (They also stole all its money and that is well documented if you look into the subject.)  What did that have to do with 9/11?  They made their aggression generic under the banner "War on Terror", an Orwellian perversion if ever there was one, and accused Iraq of having "Weapons of Mass Destruction" (another utterly perverse misuse of a phrase) which was proven false by the UN.  But why would that stop the invasion?  I recall all too well that both Bush and Blair invoked the Christian God to rally popular support for their 'good' war.

How do you suppose people in Iraq view "Christianity" when the most powerful nation on the planet claims its own God wants to destroy people in Iraq?  Does your brain somehow not equate killing hundreds of thousands of people as murder if it is done with sophisticated military equipment?

We are being 'terrorised' by the Western Powers' propaganda and perverse perspective.  Take, for example, two phrases continuously regurgitated to conjure terror in the minds of the simpletons in the West: "Allāhu Akbar" and "Islamic Jihad".  We have the same equivalent phrases in the Christian West, e.g. "Good God" and "Christian Soldiers".  When you use the 'English'/'Christian' terms you always understand the human benign compassion behind them but when wogs, no, sorry, Jews, no sorry, niggers, no sorry, Muslims (I knew I'd get it right in the end.) use a foreign language we are encouraged to believe it is ignorant and aggressive.  Of course it is sometimes - we are all human after all - but Bush used the phrases aggressively and you don't appear to notice or object.

What about these two ridiculous events: the James Foley Video and the Murder of Lee Rigby mentioned in the video?  Relating to Lee Rigby: How many innocents have been murdered on their home ground in Afghanistan and Iraq by American and British soldiers?  We'd be overwhelmed if each one got the level of attention by the Western Media.  And he was a soldier, not a civilian.  Relating to the James Foley Video: It has already been exposed as a hoax even in the Main Stream Media for God's sake (oops there I go again "Allāhu Akbar" in English).  But has that stopped them using it to incite hatred against anyone in the Middle East they want to bash to fuck next?  No, they sidestep the fact that it was a hoax, never asking why, or what is going on, and continue with the idea that James Foley was killed some time somewhere and that is so unacceptable we must invade the Middle East!  Where do the eleven (I expect more) journalists killed by the Israeli war machine in Gaza get this level of indignation and publicity?  They don't Dave because they don't care one iota about life - they care about their oppositional objectives.  They care about aggression, oppression, coercion, control and abuse.

You have an idea of my views on the gun laws in the USA and you support 'people' owning guns.  Why?  Correct me if I am wrong but it is because if the government disarm the population you see the possibility that they have more power and control to oppress people.  Armed, the population are harder to oppress because there is a bigger risk of violent opposition to violence against the population.  What the hell do you think the "Jihadists" are doing?  They oppose oppression.  Don't be drawn into this ridiculous polarisation by citing violent idiots doing the shouting as somehow representing the population at large.  If one did that then you, Dave, are just another American wilfully responsible for murdering hundreds of thousands of peaceful citizens in Iraq.  Are you unaware that the majority of Iraqis have the same aspirations to all the good things in life as the majority of Americans?

We are embarked on an insane destructive permanent war scenario for the benefit of the elite.  Citing the Queen in this video as representing Christianity and civilisation is the biggest joke of all.  Have you ever read the story of the "Emperor's new clothes"?  The pomp and ceremony, the disgusting display of opulence, the ruthless hierarchical extravagance is staring you in the face but you can't see it.  Is this what "Christ" advocated?  No - quite the opposite - he opposed it.

This video is nasty ignorant trash designed to incite hatred.  It is not in any meaningful way informative or helpful.

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