Saturday, 2 August 2014

Authoritarian depravity

Child's legs in rubble in Gaza

Israel and the other culpable Western countries have utterly and totally  debased humanity.  Not only myself but millions of people around the world will never forget this outrage.  There is brutality around the world but never before has the major so called 'civilised' self acclaimed super power alliance indulged in such wanton vicious ugly criminal and inhumane torture and murder in so brazen and flagrant way.  The insanity is stunning.  The base cruelty is staggering.  There is no question in the minds of many experienced professional observers that this is some of the worst excesses of 'civilised' depravity ever witnessed.  There may be individual cases worse but this is like the head teacher shooting the children with impunity whilst the world looks on as if he's doing his job.  And the USA re-arms Israel!

There is no 'winning' possible.  Israel, as some kind of identifiable entity, has lost all semblance of sanity.  It is not only Israel because it is the self described New World Order - the unbelievably arrogant subset of right wing oligarchs who seriously believe themselves superior beings like the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs - who are engaged in this obscene madness.  They cannot win because their children will hate them.  Any future population will find this behaviour abhorrent in the extreme; It is totally off the scale.

Israel is self destructing.  And the USA and the UK are entirely with them.  We no longer have a civilisation.


  1. I really get your work.

    I don't think we EVER had a 'civilization'. I think it is like all those much vaunted Great Masters Artworks - a marketing term, a series of objects designed to dazzled and confuse.

    I think we are living in, and have been living in a Traumatocracy..

    An Institutional society of hierarchical violence (hierarchical Gods) that sustains itself by traumatising those who fall within it's Power so that they either 'adapt' or are extirpated.

    A society largely governed by the psychological and physical dynamics of unresolved chronic trauma.

    This Society is not Humanity per se, and whilst it is the Dominant Society at this time, and has been for a short period in terms of human existence, it's unlikely that it will continue indefinitely into the future. It looks like it might continue far enough into the future to be a serious problem fro quite a few generations to come... It is a pathological Society, a disease that is on a one way course to eventual death. Humanity will survive it.

    And that is no comfort, for in the meantime the suffering will continue to be inflicted.... on millions upon millions of absolutely innocent families... unless there is a grass roots awakening to the realities.... and an emergent solidarity that might lead to concerted, combine actions to undermine the Power structures...

    eg: A general mortgage strike - demanding that the mortgage Industry come to a table and undergo negotiation with humane society with regard to ensuring that housing is healthy for ALL people... it's unlikely, it's highly improbable yet it IS within the realms of possibility.

    1. Thank you Corneilius. I have checked out your blog and like it. There is so much more to figure out but I have no doubt that you are onto the 'truth' as it were. A book worth at least borrowing from a library is "The Biology of Love" by Arthur Janov