Monday, 11 August 2014

My letter of support for Cameron's policy on Israel

David Cameron MP
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
10 Downing Street
11 August 2014

Dear David Cameron

I write to you as the current occupier of the position of Prime Minister of Great Britain and I respectfully request that you pass this message on to all the members of your government.

I wish to extend my thanks to you for your policies in the Middle East and in particular for your staunch support for the beleaguered state of Israel.

Had you been a little more circumspect it is possible that a large proportion of UK citizens may not have realised the severity of the problems and issues involving Israel.  But you and your government have been clear and straightforward in your unwavering support of Israel and its right to defend itself.  Had you not rallied the media, and the BBC in particular, to help support the desired view that the troubles in that part of the world were relatively minor and, although unpleasant, were right and morally justifiable, many people may have thought the Israeli response to the three murdered children in the West Bank was an overreaction.

Your government's statements, policies and actions have effectively resolved a transition in my life which some might call a paradigm shift.  It is more than that because I have always been a supporter of truth and justice but I have also always been dismayed at the apparent irresolvable paradoxes in the world of politics.  But you have provided me with an almost profound clarity.

During the second World War the people of Britain refused to be intimidated by a brutal dictator and their resolve was even strengthened in the face of the blitz.  People were willing to endure the most awful conditions to stand united against oppression.  During these more recent difficult times of economic depression in Britain your government has rallied the people to stand together and endure hardship to get this country through the bad times.

There are, of course, the opposing views that bailing out the banks, reducing the benefits bill, cutting back on legal aid, withholding money from poor residents to reduce the spare room subsidy bill, holding down minimum wage and public sector pay rises, cutting back on the arts, lending money to youngsters for their education, 'sanctioning' the illegal withholding of unemployment payments, vetting the sick and disabled, forcing people to work for private companies for their unemployment benefit thereby profiting the private company at the expense of the 'hard working' tax payer (which is tantamount to slavery)  and so many of your tough decision are not a good thing.

But you were in danger of getting away with it.  Then Israel let the proverbial cat out of the bag.  What were you to do?  How could you oppose oppression?  So without really understanding what you were doing you reacted in the only way possible - you defended Israel.  You defended the indefensible.  You defended the most barbarous, inhumane, savage, cruel, ruthless, bizarre, obscenity enacted by a world power against innocent civilians trapped in an enclave, blockaded and impoverished for years and held down by a UK backed military dictatorship called Egypt.  Wow!

Now I understand.  Had you come out against the overt crimes being committed by Israel you may have maintained the illusion.  Israel is acting illegally and they are using illegal weapons.  I don't know if you are aware but it doesn't take the United Nations or the International Criminal Court to make a crime exist, it only takes them to acknowledge that it is a crime.  They are clearly impotent at the moment - that does not change the facts.  Your policies have exposed your true perspective and agenda.  Your response to the genocide in Gaza has revealed your complicity in this insane behaviour of the Western powers.  Had you objected to the slaughter of innocents with the most heinous weaponry by your ludicrous ally I might not have realised that it is your very paradigm to oppress and devastate humanity for your own benefit.

You have effectively been rumbled.  You have become transparent.  Your deceptions, double standards, immorality and criminality have been exposed.  People can see right through your facade of moral righteousness to the wretched, self serving, pathological insanity within.  You have inadvertently precipitated an awakening of consciousness in the UK.  It is for that reason that I thank you "for your policies in the Middle East and in particular for your staunch support for the beleaguered state of Israel."  It is beleaguered by its own compulsive dysfunctional behaviour.  It appears you are of the same mindset.

I will not be voting Conservative at the next election.

Yours sincerely

Sam Spruce


  1. Yes indeed Sam, the shyster does seem to have unwittingly caused something of an awakening in the UK. We can only hope that this continues to grow and spread outwards to encompass the many serious issues that effect the planet and the future of Humanity.. What an excellent letter at least it might give his personal censor something to mull over..

    1. Exactly Jonny. The issue is much larger and I wondered how to 'talk to' someone without ears to hear. Of course it will never get to him but it may (via the internet) reach people who see this letter as appearing to support the UK policies in general. It is also a drop in the ocean of letters objecting to the government - the more the merrier.