Monday, 1 September 2014

Parochial incitement: The ugly return of anti-Semitism

A still from CNN video
Yet another unfortunate post by a sadly parochial American.  I post this on my blog to illustrate that we have a problem in the world and it is not simply that some people are wrong.  The people are being fed a bizarre manifestation of a false simulacra and cannot get themselves out of the matrix.  It is therefore important to dissolve the fabrication to afford vision to the people who are currently dreaming the nightmare.  They are not bad people - they are damaged and anaesthetised.

I don't like posting warped propaganda on my blog but in order to address the problem it needs to be understood.

My friend "Dave" (as he shall be known) posted the following on Facebook:

The ugly return of anti-Semitism By Timothy Stanley

... and so I responded:

What are you trying to suggest Dave?  Are you posting this to illustrate the mind-blowing stupidity of CNN or the parochial ignorance of the American people?  Please get your head out of the sand and notice the protests are anti-Israel.  Israel is THE major cause of anti-Semitism in the world by claiming itself to be a "Jewish State" as if Jews agree with the wholesale slaughter of victimised and dispossessed people.  This is deliberate warmongering and your country - your government - are the primary instigators of this devastation of civilisation.  Grow up and take a look at the wider picture.

Who armed the revolting Islamic State murderers?  Where did they get all their funding and their money?  Go and find out.  I can tell you it was the USA but you don't have to believe me.  But if you are unwilling or unable to look to find out then you have no business demonising them as if they are not your very own government protégé.  It is quite deliberate to raise the spectre of "terrorists on our streets" and "anti-Semitism on the rise" to inflame the situation and justify wholly ridiculous laws to restrict your freedom to keep you under control.  Have you bothered to read up on the history of Israel to inform yourself of the historical facts?  Have you any idea how many international laws Israel has breached?  Are you aware of the number of UN resolutions Israel and the US have totally ignored?  How many otherwise unanimous resolutions the US has vetoed to prevent Israel being held to account?  How many violations of human rights in their obsessive pursuit of the oil reserves in the Middle East?  Do you not realise they are deliberately causing chaos to justify their continued barbaric assault on the world at large?

How can you not see your own concerns about the militarisation of your own police as connected to the overall policy of oppression and control by your own government?  Are you not aware that the militarisation of your domestic situation is entirely designed and implemented by the same policies being nurtured in Israel?  Do you think it a coincidence that all your ranking police are sent to Israel on courses with the IDF to learn how to oppress and control a population?

It is no hyperbole to say that the heinous illegal weapons such "White Phosphorus", "Flechette" and "DIME" which Israel has been using on the ghettoised population in Gaza are being tested for use on the American population.  Get out of your fear zone and look at the bigger picture Dave.  Please.

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