Monday, 8 September 2014

Letter to Cameron re Osborne's poisoned chalice.

David Cameron MP
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
10 Downing Street
SW1A 2AA    
8 September 2014    

Dear David Cameron

Could you please inform me (and the general public) whether you authorised George Osborne's claims, on 7 September 2014, regarding more autonomy for Scotland which were reported in numerous national papers.  Is this an official Conservative Party policy announcement or an arbitrary unofficial pronouncement with no authority?

The Guardian reported that Osborne said "... a plan of action to give more powers to Scotland. More tax powers, more spending powers, more plans for powers over the welfare state." and went on "... the moment there is a no vote in the referendum."

I bring this to your attention urgently because if the Chancellor has gone rogue I fear your silence on the matter may make you and the Conservative Party accessories to the illegal act of attempting to affect the results of a referendum with bribery at the eleventh hour.

A veritable poisoned chalice from which you may be inadvertently drinking.

This is a very serious matter and I would appreciate your urgent response.

Yours sincerely

Sam Spruce

photo credit (image altered by TD): The CBI via photopin cc

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