Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Smoke and mirrors

Stem Cell Burger

I am overloading on information, overdosing on facts, swamped in consumer driven garbage, overwhelmed by bigotry, bewildered by deception and dismayed by humanity.

So I woke up this morning...

I was doing emails and stuff and I clicked on a link.  It's like that first drink in the morning - it seems so innocent.  Just to calm the nerves.  Just whilst I wake up.  Just so as I can cope.  I'll not click so much today - I'll get on with filling those forms out or getting that return in or fixing that door or vacuuming that floor - I'll get on... later.  Just for now, even before I get that coffee I need I'll just look at this.

What I was looking at was the stem cell burger.  I had heard about it on the radio as I woke up and noticed a clickable link.  It took me to the Huffington Post and I clicked to watch the video because it is so much easier than reading the words.  An advert started... It said 27 seconds to go... I watched in disbelief.  Am I really watching this stuff?  Am I going to watch 30 seconds of plastic toy queeny saying things like "Is my crown straight?" and "Right - I'm off to the happyland toy shop to buy a present - toodle-pip."?

Well I did and for my sins here is your dose of unbelievable human creativity... It's so lovely.

So happyland do a "Royal baby set".  It is cute, colourful, plastic with round corners for safety AND it's educational.  Wow!  As a bitter and twisted Attic Man I see the bizarre conditioning going on.  As the unresolved memories of my younger days ooze through the cracks in my crusted cerebellum I think I once liked things like this.  I recall all sorts of simple fun things like The Clangers, The Magic Roundabout and Bill and Ben.  I used to make films which were meant to be abstract and beautiful and I loved Nick Park's work even before he became famous.  So I have a clash in my head.  Partly the innocent fun and partly the obscene conditioning by mega-moguls.

William, Kate & Baby George
I had a young daughter once - WHOA! Stop that thought at once.  Put that cerebral manifestation of Jimmy Savile or Lord McAlpine out of your mind straight away.  And suddenly I am having a cascade of overlaid P-branes bifurcating and oscillating, interfering and cascading across the landscape of my simulatrix.

Now I have over one hundred priority issues to deal with.  1. I did not say "Lord McAlpine is a paedophile."  I have to make that disclaimer because Judge Tug-it-off (there's another bifurcation - I am taking the Mickey - BIFURCATION ALERT - WARNING "Code 42591: Anti-Semitic potential via Irish prejudice 47% probability of Catholic/Protestant polarisation.  Also Code9742184: Possible "Race Hate Crime" ref: Public Order Act 1986, Chapter 64, Part III sub-ref "citizenship" - RED ALERT - TOO MANY BIFURCATIONS...)

You just can't be right really.

For the Record: The fact that Lord McAlpine is a paedophile was asserted by Judge Tugendhat (hence the piss take Tug-it-off) on 24 May 2013 when he stated that the tweet meant "in its natural and ordinary defamatory meaning, that the Claimant [Lord McAlpine] was a paedophile who was guilty of sexually abusing boys living in care."  So in what way is this a 'fact'?  It is a 'hypothetical' fact.  It is a hypothetical fact that the judge asserted was implied to be a 'real' fact by Bercow's tweet.  So it seems that the fact remains that there is a fact in the universe of all possible things which is that Lord McAlpine is a paedophile and it has been asserted by a judge to be a hypothetical fact.  AM I MAKING MYSELF CLEAR HERE?

If all this bull-shit (and that is exactly what it is - well according to the common metaphorical usage in the UK in the early part of the 21st century) meant anything I would already own a house and have enough money to stay warm and eat for the rest of my life.  BUT I HAVEN'T!  And I haven't because of this kind of utter bull-shit.

I am going to calm down for a moment.  Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Right.  Way back in August 2010 an unfortunate sequence of events started to unfold.  In short my daughter was admitted to hospital, badly treated, threatened, and then, as a pre-emptive defence, a nurse reported me to the Children Services strongly suggesting I was an incestuous paedophile.  The bureaucratic bull-shit is too extensive and convoluted to explain here but you can read all about it at the Children Services Abuse section on Toxic Drums.  One laughable 'complaint' was that my daughter was "into witchcraft" (referred to in one of my early communications to them).  I didn't even pursue them FOR the abuse.  I didn't attack the nurse or the hospital for their abusive behaviour but when a disgusting excuse for an 'Initial Assessment' was produced by the Children Services and I could feel the prejudicial nature of this organisation and the government suffocating us in a wilful orgy of nihilistic abuse I complained.  It escalated.  Two years later they effectively won.  I did produce my response to their 'Stage 2 Investigation' but not only had they totally worn me out and made me seriously ill but it had become clear that they would never respond rationally or fairly (or indeed abide by the law) and they were feeding off the complaint.  They all had jobs and pensions and houses and stuff and they were keeping their stuff by prolonging the complaint thereby keeping themselves in an occupation.  They are vampires.  They are the living dead.  They are so injured as human souls that they are simply twitching cadavers pushing pens and clicking mouse buttons.  Without people complaining they wouldn't have a job.  So for all of my efforts over two years I discovered that the marsh mallow wall of the establishment is impenetrable and when I encounter Judge Tug-it-off making such ludicrous comments as he does I find it inhumane and disgusting.  Why?  Because if you have money your feelings matter and if you are a little bit upset you can sue people for hundreds of thousands of pounds BECAUSE you are upset and not because they actually did anything wrong.  But if you don't have money you are there for their entertainment and abuse.  They might not like to think of themselves like that but I am afraid they are like it.  They are hypocritical holy shits and it is their God that defines them as nothing better than death and uncleanness.  Do you get the picture - I am disgusted.  So fuck you tug-it-off and your abuse and your slimy sycophantic ways and all your arrogant hypocritical, judgemental, cruel, cronies.  My God you got an education, you have a brain, and that is the best you can think to do with it.  Where was all that highfalutin intellectual mastication when my daughter needed it. NOWHERE because you wouldn't get fat on it.  There might be value in intellectual thought but the intellectual abuse you practice is verging on satanic.


And as I was saying I had a young daughter once and she loved little princesses and toys like the above.  Admittedly she wanted to play 'Knock down the towers' with the the Jenga bricks after 11 September 2001 so I knew she wasn't too indoctrinated or inculcated by our cultural stereotypes.  But I did find the advert disrupted my attempt to stabilise today and really I just wanted to know a little more about this bovine stem cell precursor to Soylent Green.

Soylent Green

Unfortunately I have one or two real things to do so bye 4 now!

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