Monday, 19 August 2013

Lizards and Aliens or was that Pharaohs and Fawkes

Image courtesy of Jeremy Dahl
We have all these stories about Ancient Egypt and the Pharaohs and the slaves.  We have stories about the Second World War and the Nazi concentration camps.  We have stories about the slave trade, the annihilation of the indigenous population of the American continent.  But, of course, it is not possible - IT IS NOT POSSIBLE - that our hierarchical power structures might indulge in malicious machinations to achieve power and control over a population of deprived and wretched surfs.  "Why would they?" I hear the apparently sane people cry out.  How ridiculous it would be to even suggest such a thing.  What good would it do them?

Exactly - what good would it do them?  Well what good did it do the Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs?  Quite a lot as far as I can see.

So would the British Government construct a terrorist attack in London in order to gain compliance from the population for its own desires and intentions?  The answer could not possibly be "No".  Their intentions were to invade Iraq and they used excessive and violent force and terrorism to do it.  But for some perverse reason that is seen as legitimate.  Why?  Because the Iraqis were nasty, evil, Islamic, dirty, poor, ruthless idiots - so they deserved it?  OH!  Shock horror!  Doesn't that sound reasonable?  Well perhaps it was because the evil dictator was harbouring weapons of mass destruction to use against the poor people of Britain.  That sounds like a better justification to go bomb the hell out of an innocent population.  But what if the British people were not really convinced and there was a rising tide of dissent against the coalition of good against the axis of evil.  Well I would suggest we gave them a taste of what terrorism is really like.  "How about that plan they tested last year of bombs on the underground?  Now that's a jolly good idea because the bulk of the work has already been done and we can put it in place quite quickly."

So let us suppose the London underground bombings were a plot by the British Government.  How on earth would they get away with such a big lie.  Someone would notice what was going on.  Someone would expose the deception.  Surely!  One has to ask the question as to how they get so many people willing to slaughter innocent people abroad.  How does one get some soldier to keep battle plans secret?  Convince them that what they are doing is either in their own interest or in the interest of something they believe in.  So provided you can convince them that you are protecting innocent children and all things good like freedom and liberty then of course they are not going to blag to the enemy or even to their own citizens since it might cause a leak which will get to the enemy.  So you do it the same way you convince your population - by affecting their perception.  If there is a serious risk that someone will spill the beans you can always kill them.

Of course all this speculation is just that - speculation.  The London Transport bombings, now sickeningly called 7/7 continuing the trend from their previous hit single 9/11, were a terrorist action against the UK.  It was carried out by a bunch of miserable Muslims with evil in their hearts to ... to ... to what?  And WHO organised this complex 'terrorist' attack?  And why?

Well it seems that [Anthony] John Hill has had a bit of a tortuous journey trying to raise questions about this event colloquially (or is that globally) known as 7/7.  His torture included 151 days imprisonment without trial.  But, fortunately for him (and us), a jury found in his favour after seeing the film.  So what did happen on 7/7?

Here is John's original film - it is a very well balanced thought provoking eye opener.

7/7 Ripple Effect

And, if you are interested, here is version 2...

7/7 Ripple Effect 2

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