Friday, 18 July 2014

This Dystopian Matrix of Illusion.

I am currently listening to some 'United Kingdom' person talking at some conference.  It is about the trouble in Gaza and it is on Reuter's live stream but there seems no information saying what the 'conference' is.  But in some way it seems irrelevant because they are talking mealy mouthed rubbish.

It is so sad that these human beings seem to think they are being constructive in some sort of diplomatic way but they appear to deliberately miss the central point entirely.  They say they condemn Hamas firing rockets into civilian areas of Israel.  They say they support Israel's right to defend itself.  It could just as easily be said the other way around.  And, much as I condemn Hamas' use of rockets, it is pointless saying that they should stop because that is exactly what Israel wants.

It is, to be undiplomatic, akin to telling a rape victim to stop attempting to claw the eyes out of the rapist.  "I seriously condemn the clawing out of eyes."  "Further more I implore you to cease and desist from clawing eyes out so that we can have less damage and time to talk things over."  So the victim stops clawing eyes out and gets fucked some more.

Britain has been disgustingly silent over Israel's illegal incursions into Gaza and the West Bank.  Israel continues to steal land, occupy it, build on it, exclude the local population from living on it.  In addition they blockade Gaza such that they cannot survive to any level of acceptability.  They have the utterly paranoid excuse that they are afraid the Palestinians might get violent and disturb their existence but that is the same as the rapist refusing to untie their victim because they might attack them.  Of course they might - they've just been raped.  It is no justification to slaughter people because they might attack you.

If the 'world at large' seriously opposed Israel's illegal activities then they may have some justification in asking Hamas to stop the violence.  But you cannot 'blame the victim' - Wait what?  Oh - Of course - That is how our culture works.  I was born in Britain and I thought I was British.  I now feel like a refugee in a disgusting country.  They steal children, they sell them for sex, they use the pictures for blackmail, they privatise all the essential services, they privatise the police, the prisons, the hospitals, the railways and anything and everything they can turn into profit for the elite oligarchs.  They 'sanction' the poor, they introduce Bedroom Tax, they gain access to personal bank accounts, they accuse victims of child sex rings of making a lifestyle choice.  What is happening to humanity?

It is decomposing at an alarming rate.  Gaza, the Ukraine, Syria, Iraq - what the fuck?  Maybe, just maybe, this is the legacy of all those people who came before and didn't give a fuck.  Maybe we are all one and this is what we wanted.  But it is also theoretically possible to put a stop to this insanity by refusing to comply with the linguistic nonsense that authoritarians spout every day.  Perhaps if we stop believing the utter paradoxical fantasy of money, the ridiculous contradictory claims of authority, the nonsense of binding contracts, the unrealistic stupidity of 'ownership' ... perhaps, if we frame our understanding of the world in a more coherent fashion we can find a way out of this dystopian matrix of illusion.

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