Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Gaza is 16 times worse than the Blitz.

St Paul's Cathedral survives the Blitz
There are many ways to look at any situation and that certainly applies to the current devastation of Gaza.  I watched a live stream from someone's phone in Gaza last night and it was heartbreaking.  It was frightening and tragic; almost incomprehensible.  And I thought of the Blitz in the Second World War and how people regard that as so inhumane and appalling.  So I wondered how the two compared.  I was quite surprised at what I found.  The death toll per day in Gaza is about a third of the death toll per day in the Blitz.  So it appears less severe until you consider the size of the population.  The Blitz occurred across the whole of Britain in spite of the general association with London and the 'blitz' on Gaza is applied across the whole of Gaza in spite of claims that it is targeted.  Per head of population the death toll in Gaza is about eight times higher than during the Blitz in the UK per day.  And that is only the current counted dead.

There is no way to 'measure' this kind of crime but it can be helpful to compare aspects.  Given that some of the 'injured' are likely to become the 'dead' and considering that all of those people's lives have been unacceptably damaged I compared the 'injured' too.  The death and injury in Gaza is sixteen times greater than the equivalent measure of the Blitz.  It is also worth remembering that the British population were relatively stable and secure whilst the Gaza population have been under siege for many years and their lives are already impoverished and injured.

It is ironic that Operation Protective Shield, the euphemism for terrorism and genocide, is represented as some kind of surgical extraction, a modern sophisticated targeted strike against an aggressive military opponent.  The German Luftwaffe executed the Blitz as a perfectly random bombing of civilians (as well as useful military targets) with the express intent to cause as much devastation and terror as possible.  Israel denies any attempt to damage the civilian population and yet manages to kill and maim sixteen times more people per head of the population than the German's did with their intended random blitz of the UK.

This is not conceivably a mistake.

Click to go to YouTube to watch destruction of entire street.
In WWII Britain was subjected to 267 days of random bombing of the civilian population.
It is historically regarded as abhorrent.
The British didn't like that.
In Operation Protective Edge the Gaza population have, so far, been subjected to 21 days of targeted bombing of the civilian population.
Britain (officially) approves of that.

The daily desecration in Gaza is 16 times worse than the Blitz.

Population: 45,000,000
Duration: 267 days
Killed: 43,000
Injured: 139,000
Killed per day: 161
Injured per day: 521
Per million of population killed per day: 3.6
Per million of population injured per day: 11.6
Desecration per million per day = 15.2

Population: 1,800,000
Duration: 21 days
Killed: 1,050
Injured: 6,200
Killed per day: 50
Injured per day: 295
Per million of population killed per day: 27.8
Per million of population injured per day: 163.9
Desecration per million per day = 191.7

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