Thursday, 3 January 2013

Simroid the Cyborg

So why do cyborgs go to the dentist?  Well that is not a joke but the answer is "To get their teeth fixed."  This is not a dubious doll that arrives in a big crate wrapped in brown paper but is, in fact, a robot developed by Morita Manufacturing in conjunction with Nippon Dental University in Japan.  Only the Japanese could come up with this!  They have developed a lifelike 'cyborg' (not really a cyborg as cyborgs are part human - hang on - maybe she is) which can answer questions and react to 'pain' just like a real dental patient.  This one is called Simroid and she tirelessly helps dentists practice their art until they get it right.

Personally I don't like dentists as a breed.  This is not solely because they have caused me a great deal of physical pain and inconvenience but because there seems to be an ivory tower culture which will not budge in the world of dentistry.  The dentists seem to think that it is their project when they are fixing your teeth.  They seem to think you should admire and respect everything they do.  So they decide your teeth should come out or they should be straightened.  If you question whether this is actually what YOU want they treat you as if you are stupid.  It seems to me that they are more focused on 'doing the job right' according to their 'teacher' and can't seem to incorporate the patients priorities or values.  They also tend to be judgemental and condescending.  I have too often heard criticism by dentists that the patient hasn't looked after their teeth and so any distress is their own fault.  So I am not a fan of dentists but I have come across one or two - no - one dentist - who used his skill and experience to get the results that I wanted as well as he could.  Now that is a good approach to dentistry.  Pity their aren't more good dentists around.  Funny - My father's father was a dentist - and my father is a seriously dysfunctional, oppressed, repressed, oppressive, judgemental git.  It all makes sense now.  Maybe if his father had had one of these cyborgs to play with he might have been a better man.

Incidentally if you are thinking that this very lifelike doll would do well in another, older, profession I can tell you that they have already developed  such things and they do arrive in unmarked crates but that is for another blog.

Here is the video of Simroid in action.  Happy fantasies to all you repressed dentists out there.

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