Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Down at The Drake Inn

Just another sublime and evocative provocative work of genius from an angel if ever there were such things.

The first thing Sinéad O'Connor's "4th and Vine" reminded me of was Hustle by Tunng. I guess some experts would cite the genre and it might have something to do with the drum and bassishness with banjos and weird percussive devices. Being a percussive type myself - but an ignorant one - I also think there is something very similar in the rhythm.

But all of that is technical and the real beauty for me in this song and video (directed by Kathryn Ferguson) is the way it soaks up the best of the community spirit and cultural atmosphere of village life in mid 20th century Ireland while being juxtaposed with the irony of Sinéad's anger at the bigoted and perverse oppression of that very culture. But Sinéad IS a collection of paradoxical and contradictory emotions and views. Somehow, without sarcasm she manages to quite genuinely draw the very best from the real people of Ireland in spite of the darker side. A bit like her rendition of Once in Royal David's City (which you can find at the bottom of the page entitled Sinéad O'Connor, Pantheism, RTÉ and 100 windows!) which somehow embodies the very best intention and meaning from an otherwise discredited religious culture. She is simply mind blowing.

The song, 4th & Vine, is being released in the UK through One Little Indian on 28 January 2013 or 18 February 2013 depending upon your source. But it appears you can buy 4th & Vine now as a download from Amazon anyway.

Here is the (apparently) official version on YouTube

But then I went on to listen to another track from the album 'How About I Be Me (And You Be You)?' called Queen of Denmark. First of all I wondered what it was about the Queen of Denmark that was worth singing about and then as I began to listen to the track I thought this is one of those songs that is good and nice and interesting and maybe a little artistic and BANG - It got me! It hit me where it hurts. It is just another totally magical, straight from the heart, sincere, powerful, emotional pieces of pure artistic expression from the dark angel of innocence that is Sinéad O'Connor. This is another MUST listen to.

Sinéad O'Connor: Queen of Denmark

When Sinéad wonders what she wants from this world at least she is giving me a bit of what I want.

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