Sunday, 25 September 2011

How to set your Facebook url.

If you have ever tried to link to your own Facebook account you may have encountered a small problem locating the url to your personal page.  You can locate the unique url for your own home page on Facebook by clicking your username or avatar and the web address appears in the browser address bar.

If your name is Nik Allday your Facebook url might be or, if you are less fortunate it might be something horrible like  The trouble with the second case is that it is eminently forgettable and prone to errors if you try to write it down.

You can personalise your Facebook url by assigning a unique username to it.

In trying to find out how to do this many people resort to searching Google with phrases like "how to get a facebook username", "how do i get my facebook url", "personalize your facebook url" or "facebook page url".  They look for "custom facebook page" or "facebook address" and most of the results do not answer their question correctly.

This is how to personalise your Facebook web address.
Log in to your Facebook account and then open a new tab or browser and go to


You can locate this information through the Facebook help pages too.

Unfortunately if you name is John Smith the obvious username is probably taken and you will have to opt for something dreadful like johnsmith1632672560  which is about as bad as the original naked php parameter.

If you found this helpful (or not even) please comment with your suggestions as to what I should set my username as.  I want samspruce but that has gone;  So has toxicdrums.  Options I consider possible are samspruce3 toxicdrums1 samanthaspruce, samualspruce samthetree, samsprucethetree.  But none are satisfactory.  So which do you think is best or do you have any other ideas?

But I don't want to leave it as


  1. Toxicspruce?
    Esquivalience ;-)

  2. Thank you Mr Mountweazel you are a true dord.