Thursday, 29 September 2011

Hang Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani

The Iranian hierarchy want to hang this guy for apostasy.  e.g. The Washington Post: Christian Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani faces potential execution or New Statesman: The trial and punishment of Yousef Nadarkhani.

I really don't understand the problem here.  The guy should hang.  Surely it is that simple.  He was born of an Islamic family and, although I don't understand Islam, it seems clear that they are right in all things because they have a direct link to God or Allah through that chap Mohamed.  His words are interpreted by the strictest and most devoted scholars and young Yousef Nadarkhani quite clearly chose the dark side (it's in his name for goodness sake: Na-DARK-hani) which is an anathema to Allah and he should be terminated.  Doesn't that all make sense?

Well doesn't it?

When are these human beings going to understand that these major religions are nothing more than anaesthetics for people who can't deal with the reality of their existence.  Like alcohol they get rid of the difficult issues and make life seem all rosy.  It becomes quite clear through the rose tinted spectacles of religion that the stuff out there in the real world which upsets them is not meant to be there.  It doesn't fit their desired interpretation of reality.  Being egocentric, obviously the world out there (reality) needs to be changed to put things right.  What sort of mind numbing stupidity is that.  The problem with addictions, like alcoholism and religion, is that once people have run away from experiencing the real world they are less capable of meeting the next challenge.

The irony of Islam is that it is God's will.  God made everything and this is the way he wants it.  He wants different religions fighting each other and committing contradictory heinous crimes against each other in his name.  Isn't that obvious too?  To suggest the Iranian hierarchy, whoever they may be, should be merciful and apply a little clemency to the situation and should let him off with a lesser sentence is surely in the face of Allah.  The suggestion is that mercy is a 'good' thing.  How could it be if it resulted in the direct opposition of a benign God?  So is it that the non-Muslims are begging the Muslims to just go along with their grubby immoral ways to appease them?  It is so contradictory it beggars belief.  What sort of a religion would it be if it just cow-towed to any pleading from the satanic side of things?  What sort of a religion would it be if it didn't stand up for what it believed in?

The whole thing is a complete farce.  The Iranians are playing games and trying to frighten people.  They get two birds with one stone because they get to intimidate their population and they get all this fearful reaction from abroad.  Religions are abusive.  Please try to understand that.  There is no more sense in "Christians" begging for clemency than in Iranians begging to be allowed to kill non-believers.  I was brought up as a Christian and I completely get all the 'good' ideas touted by it.  But people have got to rise above that oppressive control mechanism and realise that cow-towing to any religion is all part of supporting the oppression of control freaks over the rest of humanity.  Religious freedom is an oxymoron.  Get used to it!

And just before I go - They make me very angry.  Both sides!  The Iranian hierarchy are evidently ruthless oppressors and the people who oppose them are woolly minded.  Killing someone because you don't like them is not acceptable.  There is no point in beating about the bush (that one that had the two birds in it that Iran killed) and making feeble attempts to appease oppressors with tactical diplomacy.  Try following that trite advice dished out by the anti-drug-abuse folk "Just say No!"

Iran: NO!  In yer face NO!  You are out of order and you are evil by your own definition!  Thank you and good night.
(P.S. Yousef is a twit anyway for being a Christian.)

Free Speech for Hamsters
(or 'the Rod of Righteous Retribution')

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