Saturday, 9 February 2013

Benign Oppressors?

So what exactly is going on and why are most of the populations of the world positively supporting the abuse and destruction of liberty, freedom, creativity and prosperity?  How can it be that so many people sentimentalise sympathy for the abused and down-trodden but support and uphold the oppressors and their mode of action.

Does the phrase 'the benign oppressor' mean anything to the people who are reading this blog or the wider public?  It is, by definition, an oxymoron.  You simply cannot be benign and an oppressor.  And yet it is a paradox that fits, apparently perfectly happily, in the conscious mind of most humans.  He is the bully so you do what he says so that you don't get hurt.  And it gets so embedded and severe that you have to actually convince yourself of his goodness in order to avoid slipping up.  You have to decide that it is a good thing to worship him because he is clearly good because when you are on his side things are better.

It seems to be a logical step of deduction that the simplest of minds can make.  Don't criticise the teacher because that makes you a dissenter and a person who objects to all that makes life good and are, therefore, on the dark side.  You are, by that simple deductive reasoning, a bad person.  It doesn't take much of a leap to conclude that it therefore makes sense to limit your freedom and censure your opinion.  But it is 'simple' to the point of being wrong.  That logic conveniently ignores the environment in which it is set.  The definition of 'good' in this simple thinking is that of not incurring the bullies wrath.  It is cowardice in the rawest form.  It is sycophantic and hypocritical.  It is contradictory and paradoxical.  It is, in fact, collusion with the corruption and therefore quite sinister in its own right.  But the majority of the population seem perfectly content to look after their own limited comfort and to resist rocking the boat.

And then comes the bit that I hate the most.  Those very same people sit in front of their televisions and shed a tear at the dreadful case of Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani girl shot in the head by the Taliban for promoting education for girls.  Those same people join the hue and cry against the corpse of Jimmy Savile claiming that it is 'shocking' that such things can go on.  But they are part of the problem.  They are supporting the 'benign' oppressors by allowing the persecution of the likes of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks who has put his life on the line to expose the most heinous crimes committed in 'our' name by 'our' governments.  Where is the public outcry?  Where is the profound anger and objection to this inhumanity, this foul abuse?  Where are the protesters?

If you don't like girls being shot in the head you must go and take a look at the Collateral Murder video and ask yourself "What is the difference between that and the Taliban shooting Malala?"  If you object to people imposing their will on other people with ruthless murder then do something about it.  You don't have to get up and destroy your life and impose your will on other people but you do have to face the problem and stop willingly supporting the oppressors.  Your simple awareness would be enough if most people did that.  Public opinion really does have an effect.  Stop being politically correct and diplomatic and state your view.  Don't allow the politicians and the press to get away with representing the view that murdering Arabs is legitimate because they are all Islamic Fundamentalists (now, it seems, Islamists is the word to use) and believe in the worst of Sharia law.  Don't continue to use your Credit Cards without at least being aware of the credit card companies disgustingly illegal behaviour in suppressing decent against the 'benign oppressors' by blocking any financial revenue to WikiLeaks.

We allow and encourage these crimes because we are afraid.  We remain silent because we don't want to get hurt.  But the pain is increasing and your freedom and choices are being rapidly eroded.  It is a profound tragedy that large populations like the USA and the UK can conceptualise themselves as 'law abiding' and 'Christian' societies whilst paradoxically accepting, nay - agreeing with and supporting, the most blatant un-Christian actions and the most overt illegal activity to support this ideal.

The banks are acting illegally and somehow society is satisfied with, for example, a £400 million pound fine for RBS and their investment chief, John Hourican, simply resigning.  That is like the police finding an opulent art thief in his mansion surrounded by a littler of stolen art and saying "You're nicked mate..." and to go on to fine him one first class stamp and to tell him to retire.  They don't confiscate the art works they simply tell him to retire from stealing.  He agrees.  And who would believe that he will stop anyway.  He is a compulsive thief and a liar.  Of course he agrees.  But the British public seem satisfied by this unbelievable pretence at 'justice'.

Don't worry it's only horse meat.  Don't worry Chris Huhne only tried it on.  Don't worry - it won't happen to you... yet!


  1. The pope asked everyone to pray for him and the next pope. I don't even pray for myself, why would I pray for a washed up butt fucker?

    1. I heard he had asked people to pray for him. How odd - and him not even believing in God!