Monday, 18 February 2013

Iain Duncan Smith vs Cait Reilly

The Mormons are building a database of all the people who have ever lived.  It seems like an attempt at the beginnings of the physical manifestation of the spiritual world as described by the Abrahamic religions.  It is building a simulacra of the perceived reality within the physical universe such that the spiritual world takes on a temporal existence.

Did I hear someone at the back there ask "What is all that about?"

Sometimes I wish I could write the book.  The thing is that we live with the imagined belief that all of history has gone before.  There in the annals of time existed every physical molecule.  But think of this for a moment;  Given the cause effect paradigm and the concept of determinism the entirety of everything is already written in this moment.  If you take a snooker table and freeze it in time as if taking a slice, a single moment, of reality in order to examine it.  In this mind experiment imagine that the actual speed and direction of each ball is somehow part of that ball.  Like little bits of information contained within the ball.  Like a ball has written information pertaining to its speed and direction printed on it.  So there is this moment of reality freeze framed.  From that moment it can be determined what the previous moment was like and so on all the way back to the beginning.  Similarly every future event can be predicted.  So, given the actual way things ARE now, they contain all of the past and all of the future.  But we are sitting here thinking the past and the future are some distance (temporally - and yes, that is the second meaning of that word used in this diatribe) away.  But in some real sense they are all in existence in the here and now.  But the Mormons seem to think that the past is possibly lost but since it existed it should be recorded in a database.  The fact that it is recorded in reality seems beyond them.  What they are really doing is creating a recursive feedback loop in the spacetime continuum which will eventually suck us all into the black hole that is hell.

But I digress.  Back to Iain Duncan Smith.  In the great book of life or St Peter's little book at the gates of heaven (or did he just retire?) Iain Duncan Smith is duly recorded.  In the wholeness, that is his life, is recorded all the cause and effect relationships, the deterministic consequences and the manifestation of the reality he represents.  It turns out it is a peculiarly shaped piece of faecal detritus.  The man is a grotesque and convulsing piece of conceptual  diarrhoea.  He is cruel, arrogant, repulsive, judgemental, irrational, divisive, belligerent and stupid.  Or should I say 'in my opinion he seems'?  Because then I can't be sued for slander or defamation of character.  Not to be mistaken for deformation of character because his character is already well and truly deformed.

A young female, Cait Reilly, is being illegally abused.  She is young enough, fit enough and educated enough to take the case to court.  The learned judges with their funny wigs hum and haa and conclude that the specimen is indeed being illegally abused.  Instead of stopping the abuse the moronic Mr Oooh aren't I so important Iain haven't I got a lot of names Duncan pity about the common bit Smith simply escalates the abuse by playing to the gallery and attempting to incite a lynch mob against the abused by suggesting she has a problem thinking she is too important.  CLANG!  Smith - Yes I am talking to you!  You - the boy with the bald head.  YES YOU BOY - the one with the smirk on his face.  Get yourself potty trained you are leaving a mess on the furniture!

So I asked my daughter "Who needs bald black homosexual Jews?"  She wittily replied "Ginger women."  If you don't get the joke get back in the kitchen.

But on a serious note laaaaaaaa.

No seriously... Iain Duncan Smith and the rest of the conservative party are nothing short of cruel oppressors who are into politics because they want power over other people.  They are the foulest of human beings to occupy space on this planet.  They won't be ashamed of themselves because they lost that ability when they sold their souls to the devil.  All I can say is Christ knew what was best for people like them and he (is purported to have) made it explicit;  Millstone - neck - river!

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