Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Global Revolution

These are not just uprisings or regime changes in the Middle East. These are not just economic downturns or recessions in the West. The internet is not simply a faster, bigger, better medium. Humanity is now evolving to a higher consciousness. The interconnectivity availed by the internet is confirming and enabling people's inner beliefs that justice, equality, respect, cooperation, love, compassion and truth are real and achievable. Read more on the Global Revolution.


  1. I agree. In reading blogs the world over I find that people unlike the stereotypes we've been brought up with are basically the same with but minor cultural differences. We all have the same needs as food, clothing and shelter but the greatest need is respect and self worth. Powers that be have made it a career of inflicting self doubt and fear to control vast wealth. With the Internet people are realizing first hand the lies being thrust upon them and what others around the world are really thinking.

  2. One day it's Sunni and then the next it's Shi'ite...

    Reminds me of our English weather....;-)