Thursday, 17 March 2011

Authoritarian Paradigm Collapse

6000 years ago the climate changed and cause population movements which resulted in conflict. Authoritarianism was a consequence as was Newtonian Science eventually. Newtonian Science has moved on and now the emergent behaviour of the complex system that is the human cultural network is evolving too. Humans are self organising and the cascading collapse of the hierarchical authoritarian system has begun. I have written a little more detailed analysis and explanation of this on the "Authoritarian Paradigm Collapse" page. Do voice your comments and let me know what you think. We are, after all, self organising via the complex network!


  1. Would 'I am drinking vodka and, quite frankly, couldn't care less anymore be relevent?'

    Humanity is doomed old bean...I suspect we were doomed before our time...or even before anyones time.

    I have no idea what an "Authoritarian Paradigm Collapse" means...and...I suspect it's better that way...

    The Mayans reckon December 22nd 2012 is it.

    As my birthday is December 22nd that would piss me off inordinantly!!!

  2. I am a supervisor for the janitorial department at a theme park. Not necessarily a top career choice for the employees that I lead. I can understand and see how "Iron Fist" (No pun intended if any, just a metaphoric phrase we use at work) leadership is the downfall of the company. A small representation of a global situation.

    Authoritarians at work are slowly losing grip on their employees because old methods of leadership are no longer effective.