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Mr. Creosote from Monty Python's The Meaning of Life.

My first impression of this attack on Syria is that it is a desperate attempt to muddy the waters to spoil any evidence, or lack of it, of the purported chemical attack in Douma.  Given that Syria has been working with the OPCW to destroy or dispose of all chemical weapons capabilities or stockpiles then the likes of the CIA and MI5 will be fully aware of any chemical plants that exist and what they contain.

I don't know if that scenario is accurate.  But it is crystal clear that they don't want the wider world to know what is going on.  We are expected to believe that they are serious minded people dealing with complex world problems and that they are doing what is best.  All of my life experience informs me that our culture and the majority of people go along with that manner of perception.  We are endlessly told by parents and teachers and politicians to not worry about the details and to just 'believe' them.  I don't mind doing that to an extent but my mind remains open and I continue to wonder and even ask questions.

Of course all of the troubles in the Middle East are complex and nothing that happens occurs for simple singular reasons.  Issues as different as world economics and individuals' personal pragmatic attempts to survive impact on each and every event.  No one could possibly understand exactly what is going on or how it all comes to pass.  But it is clear to me that this behaviour of the UK (in cahoots with so many other actors like the US, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and who knows who else) is clearly wrong.

It is wrong for several reasons.  To start with it is violent when there were alternatives.  It is also self contradictory on many levels not least of which being the espoused morality of violence being wrong.  The UK is laughably a Christian country which is clearly contradictory since Christianity, regardless of Augustine's nonsense, is non-violent.  It is contradictory that evidence is needed prior to a conviction and yet, in the midst of current concerns about fake news, the government decides to use a most ridiculously inconclusive video that arrived from their pals in Syria (their 'terrorist' pals) as conclusive evidence of whatever they want to conclude.  There was no evidence of a chemical attack in that video.  It was an interpretation placed on it.  Had there been a chemical attack the individuals with the cameras would have had the opportunity to film far more conclusive scenes.  And there is the nonsensical claim that in the very days Assad is taking control of the area he decided to attack it with chemical weapons.

And who, reading this, is aware that 8,000 civilians, all known to the Syrian government and the UN, have gone missing from Douma?  Jaish al-Islam (the ill-defined conglomerate of ideological 'terrorists' supported by the West) were holding Douma where the alleged chemical attack took place.  They had informed the Syrian authorities years ago of at least 8,000 named and identified hostages in Douma.  The various authorities like the UN are apparently aware of this information as are Western governments.  There was an agreement in place that the terrorists could have safe passage out of the area in exchange for the hostages.

As far as I can piece this together only a day or so before the exchange the terrorists fired missiles from Douma into greater Damascus and the Syrian forces fired back at two known sources.  It appears one building was hit and there were civilian casualties which were taken to the 'field hospital' where the video was sourced.  This is where at least one cameraman entered the hospital and shouted out that it was a chemical attack and began filming the scene which then included people dousing themselves and some children with water.  There were also people applying breathing masks to children.  This video was then supplied instantly to the Western governments who have asserted it is proof of a pointless and meaningless act of a James Bond style evil madman to murder children with frightening 'chemical weapons'.

Soon after this relatively insignificant event (relative to the current murder and mayhem around the world) the terrorists were given safe passage out of Douma but it then transpired there were less than a hundred of the hostages left.  In all likelihood the hostages have been starved and murdered by the Western terrorists because they needed food and water which was in short supply for the terrorists.  The White Helmets (who always appear well fed) have been embedded with these 'friendly' terrorists for years but have never managed to get any news out of the 8,000 people being starved and murdered.  They have had nothing to say about what was going on in Douma except to report a few real or alleged attacks by Assad.

When I think on these things I imagine myself as a terrorist in Douma.  Not a nasty terrorist but someone caught up in events and siding with people who are now engaged in violent resistance and revolution.  It's not hard to imagine given that if there were a civil war in the UK I would end up on the wrong side because I would be opposing the Tory government and they have all the power and weapons.  It really is not hard to imagine how, trapped in a suburb for years with very little food and water and with only hostages to stop the government flattening the place, that the hostages would be the first to go.

Most of us, when we are being honest with ourselves, recall moments in life where we have ended up doing something we felt was wrong because at the time we were desperate and could see no other way.  It takes a certain perspective to allow someone to hit you because you claim your own autonomy and will not be drawn into a fight.  Many people, when forced to act against the paradigms and conceptual constraints of our culture, cannot put the pieces together either before or after the event and end up feeling bewildered and wracked with what feels like unjust guilt.  This is because they conscribed to the rationale and moral framework of society by way of cooperating and co-existing with the people around them.  When they break these rules they still have the moral framework in their brain and they know they are 'wrong' but they know it was not their fault.  In extreme cases this can lead to attempted suicide and eventually the death of either themselves or someone else who appears to them to embody the malevolence of the social paradigms that are constantly constricting their ability to be autonomous.  We are all subject to these forces.

It is not too hard to understand that the terrorists would kill off the hostages on account of their belief that they would die otherwise.  They are so embedded in the wrong behaviour that a little more must seem par for the course.  And, importantly, they could not tell anyone since once they had killed the hostages there would be nothing to stop their enemy obliterating them.

It seems quite plausible that the supporters of these terrorists would be in cahoots with them to dispose of, or obfuscate, the evidence and run.  The UK, with all their other gang members, have done everything in their power to prevent the fall of Douma and, in the event of Syria liberating it, they have repeatedly tried to distract attention by pointing the finger at Russia and Assad with what they know will provoke outcry or, when that is failing, to resist and oppose any and every attempt to have a proper investigation.

It doesn't matter if my analysis of one aspect of this disastrous affair is correct or not, only that it is entirely consistent with events, it is plausible, and the UK government has done everything in their power to prevent anyone from ascertaining if this could be the case or not.  So whatever is going on it is at least as malevolent as this or worse.  But it is certainly not better.

And who, in the lower echelons of wealth in the UK, who is watching what is going on, can be in any doubt that the same mode of operation is being applied by the Tory government on the population of Britain.  We are literally their hostages and they are in the process of killing us off.  The dismantling of the welfare state and the health service along with public services and education are all destroying society in Britain.  This is without looking for specific references to numerous reports from various organisations naming and numbering the people actually killed as a direct result of the Tories actions.

The behaviour of the West is psychotic.  Psychosis is loosely defined as a person perceiving or interpreting events differently from the reality of the events around them.  We all suffer some degree of psychosis - we couldn't do otherwise - but it becomes a problem when the divide between perception and reality becomes severe and harmful.  It is typical behaviour based on unresolved historical events.  Western culture has, for hundreds of years (but rooted in thousands of years) focused on an egocentric interpretation of reality.  I don't mean the Freudian ego so much as 'central to the observer'.  We have so assumed the validity and importance of 'me' the observer that our entire cultural, scientific, religious, and philosophical frameworks assumes us to be real and alive and meaningful in an unreal, dead, and meaningless universe.  This has brought us in the West, not only to personal existential crises, but to a collective and cultural existential crisis too.

The powers that be are simply echoing the distorted interpretation of the culture.  That is why their overtly incorrect behaviour is supported by so many that they get away with it.  The population, along with various dynamics of conceptual interpretation of the world including cultural Stockholm Syndrome and cultural Cognitive Dissonance, are interpreting events in a way that seem more in line with their current paradigms.  Those paradigms are false and deviating at an ever increasing rate from the actual reality.  The existential crisis will cause the West to destroy the world rather than face the fact they don't exist.  Of course they do exist but not according to their distorted egocentric interpretation of the world.  The West is imploding and liable to explode.  China, Russia, and a few other observers are sitting on the sidelines hoping the catastrophic failure will not harm them too much.

The West is like Mr Creosote just about to eat that last wafer thin mint with Russia, Iran, and China looking on nervously from the next table.

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