Saturday, 12 October 2013

Why is all this irrational junk accepted?

This is just a meander.  Why?  Because there are too many issues taking up my time which are important but there is no time to do them justice.  But then this seems to be how it is meant to work.  And the associated image has no relevance to the text except that politicians are wallies.

I was listening to the radio this morning and although I usually like to check my references, get my facts right and generally make sure the writing is correct and that the references are supplied and can be validated I am not going to do this on this occasion because the message is more important than the medium.  The medium, in this case, being the examples which illustrate the point.  The point being that utter bullshit is being swallowed whole by the British public on a daily basis.

So I am listening to the radio hoping to get back to sleep.  It is the Money Program, or something similar, and the gentleman presenting the program has a droning sort of voice ideal for somnambulising me.  But he is talking about John Lewis and some situation where they have been underpaying their workers.  Oh the details!  The wonderful details.  The long and the short of the story is that JL have 'discovered' that they have been underpaying workers due to complex European regulations relating to holiday pay and how it is worked out.  Having acknowledged that they have been underpaying folk they have agreed to put the situation right and to back pay all the underpayments.

But there is a catch!  They are only going to do that for the people who could cause them a problem if they don't.  People who have left the company and are rightly owed some money WILL NOT get what they contractually deserve.  It is a contract and it is legal.  John Lewis OWE them the money.  But, and this is the bit that causes the problem for me - NOTE - I didn't say it WAS the problem for me and there is a reason for this;  It is the issue that causes the problem. 'It', the 'bit' or the 'issue' is that due to recent changes in the law it will no longer be economically viable for people to make a claim against John Lewis.  The law has recently changed such that if you want to claim justice, if you want a tribunal to ascertain if, or that, JL owe you the money you have to pay a non refundable £400 for the privilege.  Of course you will need a lawyer, or a degree in law (costing thousands of pounds borrowed from ... from who exactly?  Currently it is the government that 'lends' money for education but that is just step-politics until you get either used to it or dependent at which point they will 'privatise' the loan system with the banal suggestion that it is to make it more competitive and ultimately cheaper to the customer.  But there is no competition when the government are 'providing' loans at no profit to 'the government' because 'the government' is the system by which we 'govern' 'us'.  Those jerks in suits acting like spoilt toffs are the people representing us in the 'house of discussion' - You know The House of Parliament.  There is no 'government' which is them and not us.  They cannot take money from us because they are us.  They can't make a profit from us.  If they could they would no longer be representing us.  But all that is too much for the ignorant population to understand so they carry on with their irrational junk justifications for whatever it is they want to do next to get their rocks off at our expense.)

This is how it turns into a rant.  Getting back to the point: The politicians have used the mask of austerity to claim that legal aid is a drain on the hard working people of this country.  (Note the divisive and prejudicial verbiage "hard working".)  But what they have really done is only made 'expensive', or large sums, affordable for justice.  To people with money this seems to appear to be like it not being worth stopping your Lamborghini in the street to get out and bend over to pick up a 20p piece.  I think all of us could understand the rational of that.  But what the politicians seem to deliberately ignore and the ignorant public don't notice is that very few people have Lamborghinis .  It is true that it is not worth stopping your Lamborghini for 20p.  It probably costs that in petrol just to stop and start the car.  But for poor people who only have a pound, when they drop 20p they have to stop and pick it up.  After all it is 20% of what they have.  20% of the Lamborghini alone (not counting the mansion you have to have first and the garage with electric doors and the insurance and the unearned income) would be £40,000.  Why do the poor people who are so dumb as to fall for the fake sycophantic bullshit ... I can't put it into a simple sentence.

I am going to get legitimately offensive here.  The FUCKING STUPID MORONS who are working seem to willingly swallow the spunk produced by their abusers because ... because ... because WHY?  Because they are being favoured by the abusers because they comply with the abuse.  They don't want to be the 'poor' people being killed off.  This is profound cultural Stockholm Syndrome.  They shave their heads, call themselves skinheads or BNP or EDL or UKIP and ponce around arrogantly as if they are 'hard working' people denigrating the poor and licking up to (literally in many cases) the bullies.  It is simply not reasonable to withdraw legal aid for 'small' cases'  If large corporations are derelict in their responsibilities and a poor person wants justice they simply MUST be held responsible.  If one supposes that there would be so many illegitimate small claims that the poor lucrative business would go bankrupt defending itself against these claims than one is not living in the real world.  But there's the rub - they are not living in the REAL world.  Interestingly they are living in the PARANOID world.  They don't think they are because they project that attribute onto people they are abusing and they believe that the people beneath them would steal form them given half the chance.  They believe that the people they are 'holding down' would abuse them.  Why would a person who had been brought up in a secure and supportive family situation where they could assume they were valuable and loved act in such a prejudicial and frightened way?  It is simple - they have been abused as children.  Research can, and does, illustrate this no end of times.  There are acres of literature about this.  But it doesn't need the research, it only requires rational logical thought about the evidence in front of you.  But people are frightened out of doing that at school.  I guess it does get complicated to explain it.  John Lennon is a good starting point.  Check out his life story - his life of abuse and how it turned him into an abuser.  Check out how he could see something was wrong and paid attention to it.  Instead of being abusive he tried to figure out how and why.  Then go check out Arthur Janov, the Californian psychotherapist, counsellor bloke who is famous for the misnamed "Primal Scream Therapy" of the 1960s and read his books like "Prisoners of Pain" and "The biology of Love".  The research has been done.  This is not just a fancy idea.  But I guess to many it is like trying to explain Einstein's theory of General Relativity and trying to explain spacetime.  You don't even have to understand it to believe that GPS wouldn't work without the understanding.  You can ascertain that yourself and the people who do know do know.  So why are we so vulnerable to this abusive culture that the general population continue to support the abusers for fear of something worse.  The only 'worse' threat is coming from them.

So back to the Money Program:  Why do people let the fact that people who are no longer employed by John Lewis cannot get justice simply slip by?  In my opinion the whole bloody country should stop until John Lewis pays them.  John Lewis - well the executives enacting this crime - should be jailed if they don't sort it out within 24 hours.  Then, of course, the politicians who allowed the reduction in legal aid should have all their assets confiscated and lose their jobs since they cannot be trusted.  Then the people who instigated the injustice, the illegitimate legislation, should simply have everything confiscated and be thrown into jail.  They will be given the option of a fair trial if they can 'earn' (by being 'hard working' folk) the lawyers' fees and the judges' fees and the rental costs of the court houses from within their prison cells.  What?  That is impossible and so not fair - GOSH!  Pardon me for not noticing!

And there were numerous other things I wanted to mention but that will just have to wait.

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