Saturday, 5 October 2013

Atos Nazis "Work the sick to death."

"Atos Nazis are working the sick to death" says the world’s longest surviving kidney dialysis patients.  What he actually said was "I’d liken this to what the Nazis did, working the disabled and the sick until they dropped dead and were no longer a burden."

Paul Mickleburgh is 53 years old and has been on dialysis since he was 19.  He managed to work for about 15 years as a technician in spite of having four kidney transplants.  He has survived 14 heart attacks and he is destined to stay on dialysis because his body is unlikely to survive another attempt at a transplant.

There is a full article on the Daily Record entitled "Fury as Tory welfare police order kidney dialysis patient Paul Mickleburgh back to work".

David Cameron said, at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester this week, "I want to thank the most determined champion for social justice this party has ever had:  Iain Duncan Smith.  Iain understands that this isn't about fixing systems, it's about saving lives."

First of all this country has a long standing and respected tradition of good education and a good medical profession.  Highly paid doctors are legally obliged to correctly assess patients ability to work.  They are the experts.  So they say someone is not fit to work and this Tory government pays a foreign conglomerate Information Technology company called Atos (with a registered trading name Atos Healthcare) to employ unskilled people to tick boxes with targets to deem a certain proportion of sick people 'fit for work'.  Excuse me Mr Cameron why waste all that money on the doctors?  They could be usefully employed clearing up litter - after all it is a health issue.

There seems to be this wilful denial of any problem by making nice sounding statements about good intentions.  Even if their intentions were good (which they are patently not) then looking at the facts would soon disabuse them of their delusion.  Some people interpret this behaviour as deliberately malicious and evil.  I think it is a bit more Freudian than that.  I believe these people have been seriously abused in their childhoods.  They have been brought up by dysfunctional toxic parents who have not only abused their children at home but in many cases have sent them to abusive institutions like Eton.  By the time these little souls leave the education system they are perfectly sausage shaped (like Jimmy Savile's cigars) and they prance around like upper class twits reminiscent of Lord Percy Percy or Prince George (The Prince Regent) from Blackadder.  They clearly possess the same level of intellectual ability - NONE.

But the devastating thing about abuse is it perverts perception.  Although I wouldn't credit any of these power seeking individuals in the Tory Party with seriously humanitarian or even slightly benign motives they probably think of themselves as good.  Not necessarily very good but good.  This seems to be the most sinister aspect of all.  If they see themselves as good, how could they ever comprehend the severity of the crimes they are committing?  Freud realised that people do believe their own interpretation of the world and that to understand behaviour that appears contradictory or perverse one has to 'believe' the patient.  It is not a question of taking on their projected beliefs but it is necessary to believe that they are accurately describing the world they inhabit.  Of course it is far more complex because people deceive too, but they deceive for a reason and that has to be understood.

One particular trait I see very often is that these abusers make statements which have double meanings.  I don't credit them with the wit to be doing this consciously - when they do it consciously it is pathetically transparent - but their subconscious is trying to represent reality behind the perversion of the abused consciousness.  So statements like Cameron's above contain a truth but perhaps not the one you would be expecting a rational sentient being to make.  So to a relatively human person it is galling but to another victim of abuse it can sound like the benign statement it is masquerading as.

What Cameron was quite really saying was that IDS is championing 'social justice' (meaning being strong enough to meting out 'justice' [a perverted interpretation of justice as punishment - because that's what they experienced as children] to the lazy wasters that are the sick and the poor).  He then goes on to blatantly tell the truth "this isn't about fixing systems" (the stark meaning of that is frightening) and goes on to say "it's about saving lives".  Of course his brain is referring to his own life and those of the people like him whilst his conscious mind is allowed to maintain the delusion that they care about anybody else.  Idiots like Tories will all clap and think he is wanting to save people's lives in spite of the fact that their emotional condition is hating the poor.  It is allowing them to massage their egos.  It especially allows IDS to believe God loves him because he 'cares' about people in spite of the fact that he doesn't.

If this is all sounding a little complex, contradictory, and bizarre then I would suggest it is a good description of what is going on.

I profoundly hate these hypocritical, sanctimonious, self satisfied do-gooders who interfere with other people's lives in the pretence of caring but the evidence is clear that it is they who benefit at other people's expense.  Jesus rather despised these people too and it is ironic that they can even pervert that.  But be assured Mr Duncan Smith (self proclaimed Roman Catholic), if there were a God you would be up shit creek you piece of sugar coated faecal matter.  You are, tragically, simply a dead man walking or more poetically a twitching cadaver.

I ask myself "Why can't my blog posts be impartial and objective?" and the answer comes back "But they are!"

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