Sunday, 22 September 2013

Genetic manipulation

Chris Grayling MP

Conspiracy theories are rife.  They are coming out of the genetically engineered ear-hole.  But I have another one.  A new conspiracy theory.  It is not a big one and it is not a world domination one.  My theory is a little home town local theory about some members of the Conservative Party.  It may be that it links in to a bigger conspiracy and it may turn out that it is all part of the New World Order and the takeover of Global Power.  It may be the beginnings of the greatest empire we have ever known but that is something else.

I saw a picture of Chris Grayling and suddenly, like Saul on the road to Damascus, I had an epiphany.  I was struck down by a great blinding light (metaphorically you'll understand - I have to add this qualification because the 'literal' and 'metaphorical' have been known to get a bit mixed up in the past - Lazarus for example - or maybe not!).  I quickly went to my graphics package and rummaged through hundreds of folders of jpegs and gifs.  I found what I was looking for.  I found the top half of Chris Grayling's head in one image and the bottom half in another.  I pulled them out, resized them and  graphically compared them.  I was right.

Genetic cross between IDS & Shapps = Grayling

What I discovered was irrefutable evidence of genetic manipulation of the Conservative Party.  Now it is only a theory, and a suspicion, that Monsanto is behind this but like all good hunches the odds are it will turn out to be true.  What I discovered was Monsanto have genetically extracted certain attributes from the Party Moron, Iain Duncan Smith.  It seems his incredibly vacuous skull has been of special interest.  They have then taken their flag ship product, the genetically engineered Party Cretin, Grant Shapps, and selected some of his more successful attributes.  In his case it appears to be his inane grin which they feel indicates a 'friendly' Party.  They have taken these genes, mixed them up a bit and produced a cross with the perverse grin of the Cretin, Shapps, topped by the empty dome of the Moron Smith and produced an entirely new mutant Imbecile which they have named the Chris Grayling (from the genus Thymallus of the Salmonidae family more commonly known as the Grayling).

The terms moron, cretin and imbecile derive from the field of eugenics which is a little out of favour nowadays because of its association with the Nazis.  It is unfortunate that this interesting field of study has effectively been curtailed (at least publically) because  it seems to have a lot to offer in terms of understanding the Conservative Party and what one can do about them.

There is a lovely castle called Schloss Hartheim in Austria where people were, how can I put this, genetically improved for the betterment of the wealthy sociopaths, oops I mean the health and wellbeing of humanity.

Hartheim Castle in Austria

Some rather unscrupulous people described this beautiful castle for genetic cleansing as a euthanasia centre - fancy that!.  It was one location for the "Action T4" project of the Nazis but to be fair they did rid the world of over 18,000 physically and mentally disabled in that one castle alone by gassing them or by lethal injection.  Overall the Action T4 project murdered more than a quarter of a million disabled people.  Action T4 was the nickname given to the organisation in Germany whose official name translates as the Charitable Foundation for Curative and Institutional Care.  How nice these Nazis were, caring, in a curative way, and charitably to boot, for all these poorly people.

I came across a nice poster that the Nazi party produced (NSDAP are the initials of the official name for the Nazi party which in English translates to National Socialist German Workers' Party - cute eh?)

Poster by the Nazi Party circa 1938

This poster (from around 1938) reads: "60,000 Reichsmark is what this person suffering from a hereditary defect costs the People's community during his lifetime. Fellow citizen, that is your money too. Read 'New People', the monthly magazine of the Bureau for Race Politics of the NSDAP."

Now it strikes me that the nice Nazis understood only too well how much the scroungers - I mean the sick and disabled - um ... sorry, the defective people cost the tax payers - oops, I mean fellow citizens.  Why do I keep slipping into British terminology?  Silly me!  I didn't mean to associate the Conservatives and their constant degrading references to the sick, disabled and unemployed as fraudsters and scroungers who are costing the decent hard working, tax-paying public literally billions of pounds with the Nazis.  I really didn't mean to make such an 'esoteric' connection with the Conservative Party and their rhetoric and the Nazi Party and their rhetoric.  That would be so silly and uncharitable of me wouldn't it?

Was it the conservative party that was driving the 'Racist Vans' around London?  No my memory must be playing tricks on me.  And I don't recall there ever being such a thing as the 'spare bedroom subsidy' prior to the under occupancy penalty, known as the 'Bedroom Tax', being deemed in breach of international human rights by the United Nations.  But my memory must be failing me because respectable politicians wouldn't indulge in such deception.

The serious message of this post is that the current language and law making of the Conservatives is quite genuinely transforming and degrading into doublespeak and deception at an alarming rate.  This is exactly what happened in the financial crisis in Germany prior to the Second World War.  In Britain today there is no financial reason to cut the welfare budget in the way that the Conservatives are doing.  It is actually costing them billions more than they are saving but they are producing millions of disenfranchised poor and disabled people so that the next step will be easier and seem more logical and necessary.  They are on a mission to reduce the population of this country and to date it is working.  They are reacting like thugs at the suggestion by the UN that their policies may be inhumane and are illegally lying about, and hiding, the death toll figures of their policies.  It does seem that they are in so much potential trouble that they have no option but to continue the deception.  This, in an individual, is described as compulsive behaviour and all the signs are there for the Conservative party.  Please be vigilant, don't tolerate the utter nonsense just because it is becoming 'normal' and continue to fight back with everything you can muster.



  1. "the Nazis but to be fair they did rid the world of over 18,000 physically and mentally disabled in that one castle alone by gassing them or by lethal injection. "

    Hmm... IDS is managing to 'rid' the world of well over 10,000 sick and disabled people every year through the application of Atos and the WCA alone.

    1. Yes - I suspect the real figures are sadly larger than that. The only economic benefit I can see for the expensive welfare 'reforms' is the fact that it is reducing the number of people alive to need them - otherwise it is costing more than it is saving.