Saturday, 28 September 2013

Benefit Fraud Investigator Faces Jail

Elizabeth Laura Lewis - fraudulent fraud investigator!
After being amused by the poetic justice I was sad for the young son whose two parents might be incarcerated.

It seems that this 38 year old lady, Elizabeth Laura Lewis, was a well qualified fraud investigator and worked for the Department for Work and Pensions.  It was her husband, Mark Scott Lewis, who was found guilty of defrauding HM Revenue and Customs of over three quarters of a million pounds by lying to them by claiming his charity had received donations of £3 million; It was dormant and received virtually nothing.

He had at least 27 companies registered at Companies House and used them to shovel money about attempting to launder it.  His wife, Elizabeth, was party to these shenanigans and benefited in many ways including being gifted a whole house!  She claimed she had no idea about the fraud she was party to but the jury decided otherwise.

These are some references to the case with more detail:
Wales Online: "£885,000 charity tax fraud wife denies knowledge"
Mirror: "Elizabeth Lewis trial: Fraud investigator 'must have known' about husband's £885,000 tax scam, court told"
Wales Online: "Fraud investigator told to expect jail over £885,000 tax con"

What on earth are we to do with these people?  It is happening all over the place and the people surrounding these criminals know perfectly well something is amiss even if they don't know precisely what.  It is not just the irony of a benefit fraud investigator being as bent as a nine bob note that is stunning but that it is happening all over the place.  It is no surprise that no one could see the abuse being perpetrated by Jimmy Savile when there is so much of it embedded in our culture.  It makes me think of the fact that only 10% of the biological material in our bodies is our DNA;  The rest is bacteria.  I feel that way about our culture sometimes.  It is as if 90% of the people are aberrant abusive aliens.

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