Friday, 16 December 2011

Japanese Whale Hunt

Did you donate to the Fukushima disaster?

Do you know where your money went?

Do you want to pay for expensive security ships to defend the Japanese whaling fleet?


And why is the Japanese government subsidising the whale hunt for about 1000 minke whales for meat this year.  Why are they paying a possible £20 million from the earthquake recovery fund for security to defend themselves against environmentalists like Sea Shepherd?  Why are they subsidising the hunt to the tune of £4 million every year anyway?  Why, when they have a stockpile of whale meat, are they paying all this money to catch 1000 more whales.  They don't seem to be doing any scientific research which is the only legal reason for killing whales.  What on earth are they up to?  This year it is estimated that the Japanese tax payer is contributing about £24,000 per whale caught.  Is there some corruption behind the scenes?

But the Japanese whaling industry is on its last legs.  Whaling has become less economically viable recently and it seems as if they just do it to prove a point.  It seems unlikely it will continue for many years apart from the fact that they are killing all the whales.  Most Japanese folk are quite nice.  Like in most countries the population are a decent bunch.  But those pretentious kowtowing hypocritical low-bowing politicians are a bunch of deceitful self-interested vicious gits.  There I go getting mad again.  But they are such horrible liars.  They go in front of the press and say all sorts of words that sound as if they give a damn.  But they really don't.  People in power are so unbelievably treacherous.

If people in power are so dreadful that leaves us with a problem I guess.  It seems anarchy is the only way.  But whales are pretty anarchistic and look what happens to them.

Anyway - what you have to do is go sign the petition at Avaaz


  1. Did you donate to the Fukushima disaster?

    Fuck no, while face to face with those people they seem nice all in all but they have their quirks. They love seafood for one thing and will pay high prices for it.

    They don't give a fuck if they kill all the fish in the seas as long as they can eat it now, that's how self centered they are.

  2. I think those assholes should pay us for cleaning up the ocean after all their shit got pulled out into it, it's already starting to wash up on our west coast.

    Humans are stupid, they shouldn't live on low lying coastal areas.