Saturday, 17 December 2011

David Cameron rips into the Archbishop!

"Someone chuck me a dead man on a stick.  I can do this better than the Archbishop of Canterbury.  Just call me Pope David."

It appears David "Baboon" Cameroon has really lost the plot and decided to give the Archbishop of Canterbury a few lessons in theology.  He declared Britain a "Christian Cunt Tree" and implied that Dr Rowan Williams was a wishy-washy liberal toot by "sympathising" with rioters and criticising the government for ripping off the poor.

In a speech on Friday 15 December 2011 David Cameron blamed the Archbishop for failing to "stand up and defend" the morals taught by the Bible.  David is as likely to have read the bible as he is to have read the Conservative manifesto.  His policies are directly contrary to that manifesto and his ideas of morality are based as much on the bible as Sharia law is based on Buddhism.

David Cameron is way out of his depth and is beginning to sound more like a wishy-washy Hitler every day.  He also accused the Archbishop of "fuelling" terrorism and went on to say "... just as it is legitimate for religious leaders to make political comments, he [the Archbishop] shouldn’t be surprised when I respond."

He went on to say "The Bible has helped to give Britain a set of values and morals which make Britain what it is today. Values and morals we should actively stand up and defend." Er... like ripping off the poor and kowtowing to the bankers David?  Ooooh good morals.  I remember reading that bit in the bible... or was it Mein Kampf?

What does David Cameron know of moral codes and values?  For him the moral of his story is "Lie through your teeth, become Prime Minister and get fcuking rich." and values are how to rip people off with BOGOF offers in Tesco.

New Title: Dr Pope David Adolf Rowing Baboon Cameroon.

What a wally!

You can read all about it on the Mail Online in an article entitled "Speak up for Christianity, Cameron tells Archbishop: PM calls on the Church to defend 'values and moral code' of the Bible."


  1. Britain has morals? Hahahaha

    Well hell, morals are overrated anyway.

    "Christian Cunt Tree"

    Hehehe, is it full of cocksuckers?

  2. I've always figured that I was being moral if I was only screwing one woman at a time. Who in the hell would want to put up with more than one woman at a time anyway? :-)

  3. And catholics aren't moral, that's just shit they preach, but they have a loop hole, confession.

    "Bless me father for I have sinned."
    "What was your sin?"
    "I killed a bunch of muslims."
    "Say three hail marys and all is forgiven."

    Or one of my mother's favorites.

    "Bless me father for I have sinned."
    "What was your sin?"
    "I've had sex with three men since my last confession"
    "Say three hail marys and all is forgiven."

    Fuck, I think she went to confession to brag.