Friday, 12 March 2010

Good God the Oppressor

Well it seems that I haven't got this blog thing sorted yet but for the time being I will just have to carry on in my chaotic way.  Someone introduced me to an idea the other day and it was this:  If you believe in a benign God then every thing that is good that you achieve can be accredited to him.  But when you encounter unfortunate or bad circumstances that is not God's fault and you are left holding the proverbial.  It is your fault.  So God gets the credit for good stuff and you get the blame for bad stuff.  I recall seeing a nun in a dressing-gown on television.  She was being interviewed after an earthquake.  Many other nuns in the convent had died when it collapsed.  She had a cheery smile on her face and declared it was a miracle and God had saved her.  I was left wondering who had killed all the other nuns.  A benign God leaves us with a bad self image and this is the work of prejudice and the oppressor.  See more ...

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