Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Pope understands equality!

Pope understands equality!
Is equality simply what works for one person or group?
pope benedict robes
There seems something contradictory about the Pope claiming that the British equality laws are unjust.  Slightly ironic too when he won't meet women without them wearing a veil.  Can you imagine Jesus refusing to meet women without a veil?  Mind you, can you imagine Jesus living in a palace, wearing the most ridiculous head gear, lording it over the rest of the world... hang on... wasn't that what Satan offered Jesus in the desert?  Has anyone pointed this out to the Pope?  I think he ought to know.  He wouldn't be living like he does if he knew.  Or is it perhaps that he does know but he doesn't care and most of his "flock" are too "sheep like" to notice?

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